1267.0 - Australian Standard Classification of Languages (ASCL), 1997  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 31/01/1997   
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Contents >> Appendix 2. Supplementary codes

Nature of codes

Supplementary codes are used to process inadequately described responses in statistical collections. The supplementary codes, listed below, are of two types:

      • four-digit codes ending with two or three zeros used to code responses which cannot be coded to the detailed level of the classification but can be coded to a higher level of the classification structure (nfd codes); and
      • four-digit codes commencing with three zeros used to code responses which cannot be allocated to a category at any level of the classification (operational codes).

Application of codes

Supplementary codes are not part of the classification structure. Although the list provided below contains all possible Not Further Defined codes, many of them will not be required for use in many applications. The operational codes will be needed in most coding processes. A fuller explanation of supplementary codes and their application is provided in the Code Scheme: Supplementary codes section of the Explanatory Notes.

List of Supplementary Codes
0000Inadequately Described
0001Non Verbal, so described
0002Not Stated

1000Northern European Languages, nfd
1100Celtic, nfd
1300German and Related Languages, nfd
1400Netherlandic and Related Languages, nfd
1500Scandinavian, nfd

2000Southern European Languages, nfd
2300Iberian Romance, nfd
2900Other Southern European Languages, nfd

3000Eastern European Languages, nfd
3100Baltic, nfd
3200Finnic, nfd
3400East Slavic, nfd
3500South Slavic, nfd
3600West Slavic, nfd
3900Other Eastern European Languages, nfd

4000Southwest Asian and North African Languages, nfd
4100Iranic, nfd
4200Middle Eastern and North African Languages, nfd
4300Turkish and Central Asian Languages, nfd

5000Southern Asian Languages, nfd
5100Dravidian, nfd
5200Indo-Aryan, nfd

6000Southeast Asian Languages, nfd
6100Burman, nfd
6200Hmong-Mien, nfd
6300Mon-Khmer, nfd
6400Tai, nfd
6500Western Austronesian Languages, nfd

7000Eastern Asian Languages, nfd
7100Chinese, nfd

8000Australian Indigenous Languages, nfd
8100Northern Aboriginal, nfd
8200Central Aboriginal, nfd
8300Cape York Peninsula Aboriginal, nfd
8400Torres Strait Island, nfd
8500West Coast Aboriginal, nfd
8600Eastern Aboriginal, nfd
8700Australian Creoles, nfd

9000Other Languages, nfd
9200African Languages (Excluding North Africa), nfd
9300Oceanic Austronesian Languages, nfd
9400Oceanian Pidgins and Creoles, nfd
9700Sign Languages, nfd

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