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ABS products

Detailed Energy Statistics, Australia, 2001-02 (4648.0.55.001)

Australian Demographic Statistics (3101.0)

Australian System of National Accounts (5204.0)

Electricity, Gas, Water and Sewerage Operations, Australia (8226.0)

Environmental Issues: People's Views and Practices (4602.0)

International Merchandise Trade, Australia (5422.0)

Other publications and references

ABARE (Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics):

  • 2003, Australian Commodities, Outlook 2003, Canberra
  • 2004, Australian Energy Statistics - electronic database, 2004, Canberra

ANZMEC (Australian and New Zealand Minerals and Energy Council) 2001, Energy Trends: An Analysis of Energy Supply and Use in the National Energy Market - 2000

APIA (Australian Pipeline Industry Association) 2001, Business plan 2002-2005

Bush, S, Dickson, A, Harman, J, & Anderson, J 1999, Australian Energy: Market Developments and Projections to 2014-15, ABARE Research Report 99.4, Canberra

DITR (Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources), Australian Petroleum Statistics - electronic datasets

Geoscience Australia, 2002, Australia's Identified Mineral Resources 2002, Canberra

OECD/IEA (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development/International Energy Agency), 2001, Energy Use in Australia in an International Perspective: Comparison of Trends through the mid 1990s - electronic datasets, Paris

The following organisations also produce energy and greenhouse gas statistics:
  • Apelbaum Consulting Group (e.g. Australian Transport Facts 2001 contains data on energy use by the transport sector)
  • Australian Gas Association
  • Australian Industry Group (e.g. Outcomes of the Australian Industry Group National Energy Market Survey 2001 contains data on the national energy market from a consumer viewpoint)
  • Australian Institute of Petroleum
  • Coal services Pty Ltd

Web sites

ABARE, last viewed October 2004 <http://www.abare.gov.au>

Australian Greenhouse Office, last viewed October 2004 <http://www.greenhouse.gov.au>

Australian Institute of Petroleum, last viewed October 2004 <http://www.aip.com.au>

Commonwealth Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources, last viewed October 2004 <http://www.industry.gov.au>

Electricity Supply Association of Australia, last viewed October 2004 <http://www.esaa.com.au>

Geoscience Australia, last viewed October 2004 <http://www.agso.gov.au>

International Energy Agency, last viewed October 2004 <http://www.iea.org>

Joint Coal Board, last viewed October 2004 <http://www.coalservices.com.au/>

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, last viewed October 2004 <http://www.oecd.org>

Sustainable Energy Development Authority (NSW), last viewed October 2004 <http://www.seda.nsw.gov.au>

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