2901.0 - Census Dictionary, 1996  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 03/07/1996   
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2nd release

This variable is coded using the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industry Classification (ANZSIC). The main tasks that a person performed in the main job held during the week prior to census night and the name and address of the employer are used to determine the industry of employment.

Applicable to: Employed persons.

        B: MINING
        N: EDUCATION


A0Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, undefined
A00Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, undefined
A000Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, undefined

010Agriculture, undefined
0100Agriculture, undefined
011Horticulture and Fruit Growing
0110Horticulture and Fruit Growing, undefined
0111Plant Nurseries
0112Cut Flower and Flower Seed Growing
0113Vegetable Growing
0114Grape Growing
0115Apple and Pear Growing
0116Stone Fruit Growing
0117Kiwi Fruit Growing
0119Fruit Growing, nec
012Grain, Sheep and Beef Cattle Farming
0120Grain, Sheep and Beef Cattle Farming, undefined
0121Grain Growing
0122Grain-Sheep and Grain-Beef Cattle Farming
0123Sheep-Beef Cattle Farming
0124Sheep Farming
0125Beef Cattle Farming
013Dairy Cattle Farming
0130Dairy Cattle Farming
014Poultry Farming
0140Poultry Farming, undefined
0141Poultry Farming (Meat)
0142Poultry Farming (Eggs)
015Other Livestock Farming
0150Other Livestock Farming, undefined
0151Pig Farming
0152Horse Farming
0153Deer Farming
0159Livestock Farming, nec
016Other Crop Growing
0160Other Crop Growing, undefined
0161Sugar Cane Growing
0162Cotton Growing
0169Crop and Plant Growing, nec
02Services to Agriculture; Hunting and Trapping
020Services to Agriculture; Hunting and Trapping, undefined
0200 Services to Agriculture; Hunting and Trapping undefined
021Services to Agriculture
0210Services to Agriculture, undefined
0211Cotton Ginning
0212Shearing Services
0213Aerial Agricultural Services
0219Services to Agriculture, nec
022Hunting and Trapping
0220Hunting and Trapping

03Forestry and Logging
030Forestry and Logging
0300Forestry and Logging, undefined
0303Services to Forestry

04Commercial Fishing
040Commercial Fishing, undefined
0400Commercial Fishing, undefined
041Marine Fishing
0410Marine Fishing, undefined
0411Rock Lobster Fishing
0412Prawn Fishing
0413Finfish Trawling
0414Squid Jigging
0415Line Fishing
0419Marine Fishing, nec
0420 Aquaculture


B0Mining, undefined
B00Mining, undefined
B000Mining, undefined

11Coal Mining
110Coal Mining
1100Coal Mining, undefined
1101Black Coal Mining
1102Brown Coal Mining

12Oil and Gas Extraction
120Oil and Gas Extraction
1200Oil and Gas Extraction

13 Metal Ore Mining
131Metal Ore Mining
1310Metal Ore Mining, undefined
1311Iron Ore Mining
1312Bauxite Mining
1313Copper Ore Mining
1314Gold Ore Mining
1315Mineral Sand Mining
1316Nickel Ore Mining
1317Silver-Lead-Zinc Ore Mining
1319Metal Ore Mining, nec

14Other Mining
140Other Mining, undefined
1400Other Mining, undefined
141Construction Material Mining
1410Construction Material Mining, undefined
1411Gravel and Sand Quarrying
1419Construction Material Mining, nec
142Mining, nec
1420Mining, nec

15Services to Mining
150ervices to Mining , undefined
1500Services to Mining, undefined
1510Exploration, undefined
1511Petroleum Exploration (Own Account)
1512Petroleum Exploration Services
1513Mineral Exploration (Own Account)
1514Mineral Exploration Services
152Other Mining Services
1520Other Mining Services


C0Manufacturing, undefined
C00Manufacturing, undefined
C000Manufacturing, undefined

21Food, Beverage and Tobacco Manufacturing
210Food, Beverage and Tobacco Manufacturing, undefined
2100Food, Beverage and Tobacco Manufacturing, undefined
211Meat and Meat Product Manufacturing
2110Meat and Meat Product Manufacturing, undefined
2111Meat Processing
2112Poultry Processing
2113Bacon, Ham and Smallgood Manufacturing
212Dairy Product Manufacturing
2120Dairy Product Manufacturing, undefined
2121Milk and Cream Processing
2122Ice Cream Manufacturing
2129Dairy Product Manufacturing, nec
213Fruit and Vegetable Processing
2130Fruit and Vegetable Processing
214Oil and Fat Manufacturing
2140Oil and Fat Manufacturing
215Flour Mill and Cereal Food Manufacturing
2150Flour Mill and Cereal Food Manufacturing, undefined
2151Flour Mill Product Manufacturing
2152Cereal Food and Baking Mix Manufacturing
216Bakery Product Manufacturing
2160Bakery Product Manufacturing, undefined
2161Bread Manufacturing
2162Cake and Pastry Manufacturing
2163Biscuit Manufacturing
217Other Food Manufacturing
2170Other Food Manufacturing, undefined
2171Sugar Manufacturing
2172Confectionery Manufacturing
2173Seafood Processing
2174Prepared Animal and Bird Feed Manufacturing
2179Food Manufacturing, nec
218Beverage and Malt Manufacturing
2180Beverage and Malt Manufacturing, undefined
2181Soft Drink, Cordial and Syrup Manufacturing
2182Beer and Malt Manufacturing
2183Wine Manufacturing
2184Spirit Manufacturing
219Tobacco Product Manufacturing
2190Tobacco Product Manufacturing

22Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Leather Manufacturing
220Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Leather Manufacturing, undefined
2200Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Leather Manufacturing, undefined
221Textile Fibre, Yarn and Woven Fabric Manufacturing
2210Textile Fibre, Yarn and Woven Fabric Manufacturing, undefined
2211Wool Scouring
2212Synthetic Fibre Textile Manufacturing
2213Cotton Textile Manufacturing
2214Wool Textile Manufacturing
2215Textile Finishing
222Textile Product Manufacturing
2220Textile Product Manufacturing, undefined
2221Made-Up Textile Product Manufacturing
2222Textile Floor Covering Manufacturing
2223Rope, Cordage and Twine Manufacturing
2229Textile Product Manufacturing, nec
223Knitting Mills
2230Knitting Mills, undefined
2231Hosiery Manufacturing
2232Cardigan and Pullover Manufacturing
2239Knitting Mill Product Manufacturing, nec
224Clothing Manufacturing
2240Clothing Manufacturing, undefined
2241Men's and Boys' Wear Manufacturing
2242Women's and Girls' Wear Manufacturing
2243Sleepwear, Underwear and Infant Clothing Manufacturing
2249Clothing Manufacturing, nec
225Footwear Manufacturing
2250Footwear Manufacturing
226Leather and Leather Product Manufacturing
2260Leather and Leather Product Manufacturing, undefined
2261Leather Tanning and Fur Dressing
2262Leather and Leather Substitute Product Manufacturing

23Wood and Paper Product Manufacturing
230Wood and Paper Product Manufacturing, undefined
2300Wood and Paper Product Manufacturing, undefined
231Log Sawmilling and Timber Dressing
2310Log Sawmilling and Timber Dressing, undefined
2311Log Sawmilling
2312Wood Chipping
2313Timber Resawing and Dressing
232Other Wood Product Manufacturing
2320Other Wood Product Manufacturing, undefined
2321Plywood and Veneer Manufacturing
2322Fabricated Wood Manufacturing
2323Wooden Structural Component Manufacturing
2329Wood Product Manufacturing, nec
233Paper and Paper Product Manufacturing
2330Paper and Paper Product Manufacturing, undefined
2331Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Manufacturing
2332Solid Paperboard Container Manufacturing
2333Corrugated Paperboard Container Manufacturing
2334Paper Bag and Sack Manufacturing
2339Paper Product Manufacturing, nec

24Printing, Publishing and Recorded Media
240Printing, Publishing and Recorded Media, undefined
2400Printing, Publishing and Recorded Media, undefined
241Printing and Services to Printing
2410Printing and Services to Printing, undefined
2411Paper Stationery Manufacturing
2413Services to Printing
2420Publishing, undefined
2421Newspaper Printing or Publishing
2422Other Periodical Publishing
2423Book and Other Publishing
243Recorded Media Manufacturing and Publishing
2430Recorded Media Manufacturing and Publishing

25Petroleum, Coal, Chemical and Associated Product Manufacturing
250Petroleum, Coal Chemical and Associated Product Manufacturing, undefined
2500Petroleum, Coal, Chemical and Associated Product Manufacturing, undefined
251Petroleum Refining
2510Petroleum Refining
252Petroleum and Coal Product Manufacturing, nec
2520Petroleum and Coal Product Manufacturing, nec
253Basic Chemical Manufacturing
2530Basic Chemical Manufacturing, undefined
2531Fertiliser Manufacturing
2532Industrial Gas Manufacturing
2533Synthetic Resin Manufacturing
2534Organic Industrial Chemical Manufacturing, nec
2535Inorganic Industrial Chemical Manufacturing, nec
254Other Chemical Product Manufacturing
2540Other Chemical Product Manufacturing, undefined
2541Explosive Manufacturing
2542Paint Manufacturing
2543Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturing
2544Pesticide Manufacturing
2545Soap and Other Detergent Manufacturing
2546Cosmetic and Toiletry Preparation Manufacturing
2547Ink Manufacturing
2549Chemical Product Manufacturing, nec
255Rubber Product Manufacturing
2550Rubber Product Manufacturing, undefined
2551Rubber Tyre Manufacturing
2559Rubber Product Manufacturing, nec
256Plastic Product Manufacturing
2560Plastic Product Manufacturing, undefined
2561Plastic Blow Moulded Product Manufacturing
2562Plastic Extruded Product Manufacturing
2563Plastic Bag and Film Manufacturing
2564Plastic Product Rigid Fibre Reinforced Manufacturing
2565Plastic Foam Product Manufacturing
2566Plastic Injection Moulded Product Manufacturing

26Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing
260Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing, undefined
2600Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing, undefined
261Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing
2610Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing
262Ceramic Product Manufacturing
2620Ceramic Product Manufacturing, undefined
2621Clay Brick Manufacturing
2622Ceramic Product Manufacturing
2623Ceramic Tile and Pipe Manufacturing
2629Ceramic Product Manufacturing, nec
263Cement, Lime, Plaster and Concrete Product Manufacturing
2630Cement, Lime, Plaster and Concrete Product Manufacturing, undefined
2631Cement and Lime Manufacturing
2632Plaster Product Manufacturing
2633Concrete Slurry Manufacturing
2634Concrete Pipe and Box Culvert Manufacturing
2635Concrete Product Manufacturing, nec
264Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing, nec
2640Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing, nec

27Metal Product Manufacturing
270Metal Product Manufacturing, undefined
2700Metal Product Manufacturing, undefined
271Iron and Steel Manufacturing
2710Iron and Steel Manufacturing, undefined
2711Basic Iron and Steel Manufacturing
2712Iron and Steel Casting and Forging
2713Steel Pipe and Tube Manufacturing
272Basic Non-Ferrous Metal Manufacturing
2720Basic Non-Ferrous Metal Manufacturing, undefined
2721Alumina Production
2722Aluminium Smelting
2723Copper, Silver, Lead and Zinc Smelting, Refining
2729Basic Non-Ferrous Metal Manufacturing, nec
273Non-Ferrous Basic Metal Product Manufacturing
2730Non-Ferrous Basic Metal Product Manufacturing, undefined
2731Aluminium Rolling, Drawing, Extruding
2732Non-Ferrous Metal Rolling, Drawing, Extruding n.e.c.
2733Non-Ferrous Metal Casting
274Structural Metal Product Manufacturing
2740Structural Metal Product Manufacturing, undefined
2741Structural Steel Fabricating
2742Architectural Aluminium Product Manufacturing
2749Structural Metal Product Manufacturing, nec
275Sheet Metal Product Manufacturing
2750Sheet Metal Product Manufacturing, undefined
2751Metal Container Manufacturing
2759Sheet Metal Product Manufacturing, nec
276Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
2760Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing, undefined
2761Hand Tool and General Hardware Manufacturing
2762Spring and Wire Product Manufacturing
2763Nut, Bolt, Screw and Rivet Manufacturing
2764Metal Coating and Finishing
2765Non-Ferrous Pipe Fitting Manufacturing
2769Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing, nec

28Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
280Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing, undefined
2800Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing, undefined
281Motor Vehicle and Part Manufacturing
2810Motor Vehicle and Part Manufacturing, undefined
2811Motor Vehicle Manufacturing
2812Motor Vehicle Body Manufacturing
2813Automotive Electrical and Instrument Manufacturing
2819Automotive Component Manufacturing, nec
282Other Transport Equipment Manufacturing
2820Other Transport Equipment Manufacturing, undefined
2823Railway Equipment Manufacturing
2824Aircraft Manufacturing
2829Transport Equipment Manufacturing, nec
283Photographic and Scientific Equipment Manufacturing
2830Photographic and Scientific Equipment Manufacturing, undefined
2831Photographic and Optical Good Manufacturing
2832Medical and Surgical Equipment Manufacturing
2839Professional and Scientific Equipment Manufacturing, nec
284Electronic Equipment Manufacturing
2840Electronic Equipment Manufacturing, undefined
2841Computer and Business Machine Manufacturing
2842Telecommunication, Broadcasting and Transceiving Equipment Manufacturing
2849Electronic Equipment Manufacturing, nec
285Electrical Equipment and Appliance Manufacturing
2850Electrical Equipment and Appliance Manufacturing, undefined
2851Household Appliance Manufacturing
2852Electric Cable and Wire Manufacturing
2853Battery Manufacturing
2854Electric Light and Sign Manufacturing
2859Electrical and Equipment Manufacturing, nec
286Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
2860Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing, undefined
2861Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing
2862Mining and Construction Machinery Manufacturing
2863Food Processing Machinery Manufacturing
2864Machine Tool and Part Manufacturing
2865Lifting and Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing
2866Pump and Compressor Manufacturing
2867Commercial Space Heating and Cooling Equipment Manufacturing
2869Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing nec

29Other Manufacturing
290Other Manufacturing, undefined
2900Other Manufacturing, undefined
291Prefabricated Building Manufacturing
2910Prefabricated Building Manufacturing, undefined
2911Prefabricated Metal Building Manufacturing
2919Prefabricated Building Manufacturing, nec
292Furniture Manufacturing
2920Furniture Manufacturing, undefined
2921Wooden Furniture and Upholstered Seat Manufacturing
2922Sheet Metal Furniture Manufacturing
2923Mattress Manufacturing (Except Rubber)
2929Furniture Manufacturing, nec
294Other Manufacturing
2940Other Manufacturing, undefined
2941Jewellery and Silverware Manufacturing
2942Toy and Sporting Good Manufacturing
2949Manufacturing, nec


D0Electricity, Gas and Water Supply, undefined
D00Electricity, Gas and Water Supply, undefined
D000Electricity, Gas and Water Supply, undefined

36Electricity and Gas Supply
360Electricity and Gas Supply, undefined
3600Electricity and Gas Supply, undefined
361Electricity Supply
3610Electricity Supply
362Gas Supply
3620Gas Supply

37Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage Services
370Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage Services
3700Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage Services, undefined
3701Water Supply
3702Sewerage and Drainage Services


E0Construction, undefined
E00Construction, undefined
E000Construction, undefined

41General Construction
410General Construction, undefined
4100General Construction, undefined
411Building Construction
4110Building Construction, undefined
4111House Construction
4112Residential Building Construction, nec
4113Non-Residential Building Construction
412Non-Building Construction
4120Non-Building Construction, undefined
4121Road and Bridge Construction
4122Non-Building Construction, nec

42Construction Trade Services
420Construction Trade Services, undefined
4200Construction Trade Services, undefined
421Site Preparation Services
4210Site Preparation Services
422Building Structure Services
4220Building Structure Services, undefined
4221Concreting Services
4222Bricklaying Services
4223Roofing Services
4224Structural Steel Erection Services
423Installation Trade Services
4230Installation Trade Services, undefined
4231Plumbing Services
4232Electrical Services
4233Air Conditioning and Heating Services
4234Fire and Security System Services
424Building Completion Services
4240Building Completion Services, undefined
4241Plastering and Ceiling Services
4242Carpentry Services
4243Tiling and Carpeting Services
4244Painting and Decorating Services
4245Glazing Services
425Other Construction Services
4250Other Construction Services, undefined
4251Landscaping Services
4259Construction Services, nec


F0Wholesale Trade, undefined
F00Wholesale Trade, undefined
F000Wholesale Trade, undefined

45Basic Material Wholesaling
450Basic Material Wholesaling, undefined
4500Basic Material Wholesaling, undefined
451Farm Produce Wholesaling
4510Farm Produce Wholesaling, undefined
4511Wool Wholesaling
4512Cereal Grain Wholesaling
4519Farm Produce and Supplies Wholesaling, nec
452Mineral, Metal and Chemical Wholesaling
4520Mineral, Metal and Chemical Wholesaling, undefined
4521Petroleum Product Wholesaling
4522Metal and Mineral Wholesaling
4523Chemical Wholesaling
453Builders Supplies Wholesaling
4530Builders Supplies Wholesaling, undefined
4531Timber Wholesaling
4539Building Supplies Wholesaling, nec

46Machinery and Motor Vehicle Wholesaling
460Machinery and Motor Vehicle Wholesaling, undefined
4600Machinery and Motor Vehicle Wholesaling, undefined
461Machinery and Equipment Wholesaling
4610Machinery and Equipment Wholesaling, undefined
4611Farm and Construction Machinery Wholesaling
4612Professional Equipment Wholesaling
4613Computer Wholesaling
4614Business Machine Wholesaling, nec
4615Electrical and Electronic Equipment Wholesaling nec
4619Machinery and Equipment Wholesaling, nec
462Motor Vehicle Wholesaling
4620Motor Vehicle Wholesaling, undefined
4621Car Wholesaling
4622Commercial Vehicle Wholesaling
4623Motor Vehicle New Part Dealing
4624Motor Vehicle Dismantling and Used Part Dealing

47Personal and Household Good Wholesaling
470Personal and Household Good Wholesaling, undefined
4700Personal and Household Good Wholesaling, undefined
471Food, Drink and Tobacco Wholesaling
4710Food, Drink and Tobacco Wholesaling, undefined
4711 Meat Wholesaling
4712Poultry and Smallgood Wholesaling
4713Dairy Produce Wholesaling
4714Fish Wholesaling
4715Fruit and Vegetable Wholesaling
4716Confectionery and Soft Drink Wholesaling
4717Liquor Wholesaling
4718Tobacco Product Wholesaling
4719Grocery Wholesaling, nec
472Textile, Clothing and Footwear Wholesaling
4720Textile, Clothing and Footwear Wholesaling, undefined
4721Textile Product Wholesaling
4722Clothing Wholesaling
4723Footwear Wholesaling
473Household Good Wholesaling
4730Household Good Wholesaling, undefined
4731Household Appliance Wholesaling
4732Furniture Wholesaling
4733Floor Covering Wholesaling
4739Household Good Wholesaling, nec
479Other Wholesaling
4790Other Wholesaling, undefined
4791Photographic Equipment Wholesaling
4792Jewellery and Watch Wholesaling
4793Toy and Sporting Good Wholesaling
4794Book and Magazine Wholesaling
4795Paper Product Wholesaling
4796Pharmaceutical and Toiletry Wholesaling
4799Wholesaling, nec


G0Retail Trade, undefined
G00Retail Trade, undefined
G000Retail Trade, undefined

51Food Retailing
510Food Retailing, undefined
5100Food Retailing, undefined
511Supermarket and Grocery Stores
5110Supermarket and Grocery Stores
512Specialised Food Retailing
5120Specialised Food Retailing, undefined
5121Fresh Meat, Fish and Poultry Retailing
5122Fruit and Vegetable Retailing
5123Liquor Retailing
5124Bread and Cake Retailing
5125Takeaway Food Retailing
5126Milk Vending
5129Specialised Food Retailing, nec

52Personal and Household Good Retailing
520Personal and Household Good Retailing, undefined
5200Personal and Household Good Retailing, undefined
521Department Stores
5210Department Stores
522Clothing and Soft Good Retailing
5220Clothing and Soft Good Retailing, undefined
5221Clothing Retailing
5222Footwear Retailing
5223Fabric and Other Soft Good Retailing
523Furniture, Houseware and Appliance Retailing
5230Furniture, Houseware and Appliance Retailing, undefined
5231Furniture Retailing
5232Floor Covering Retailing
5233Domestic Hardware and Houseware Retailing
5234Domestic Appliance Retailing
5235Recorded Music Retailing
524Recreational Good Retailing
5240Recreational Good Retailing, undefined
5241Sport and Camping Equipment Retailing
5242Toy and Game Retailing
5243Newspaper, Book and Stationery Retailing
5244Photographic Equipment Retailing
5245Marine Equipment Retailing
525Other Personal and Household Good Retailing
5250Other Personal and Household Good Retailing
5251Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Toiletry Retailing
5252Antique and Used Good Retailing
5253Garden Equipment Retailing
5254Flower Retailing
5255Watch and Jewellery Retailing
5259Retailing, nec
526Household Equipment Repair Services
5260Household Equipment Repair Services, undefined
5261Household Equipment Repair Services (Electrical)
5269Household Equipment Repair Services, nec

53Motor Vehicle Retailing and Services
530Motor Vehicle Retailing and Services, undefined
5300Motor Vehicle Retailing and Services, undefined
531Motor Vehicle Retailing
5310Motor Vehicle Retailing, undefined
5311Car Retailing
5312Motor Cycle Dealing
5313Trailer and Caravan Dealing
532Motor Vehicle Services
5320Motor Vehicle Services, undefined
5321Automotive Fuel Retailing
5322Automotive Electrical Services
5323Smash Repairing
5324Tyre Retailing
5329Automotive Repair and Services, nec


57Accommodation, Cafes and Restaurants
570Accommodation, Cafes and Restaurants, undefined
5700Accomodation, Cafes and Restaurants, undefined
572Pubs, Taverns and Bars
5720Pubs, Taverns and Bars
573Cafes and Restaurants
5730Cafes and Restaurants
574Clubs (Hospitality)
5740Clubs (Hospitality)


I0Transport and Storage, undefined
I00Transport and Storage, undefined
I000Transport and Storage, undefined

61Road Transport
610Road Transport, undefined
6100Road Transport, undefined
611Road Freight Transport
6110Road Freight Transport
612Road Passenger Transport
6120Road Passenger Transport, undefined
6121Long Distance Bus Transport
6122Short Distance Bus Transport (Including Tramway)
6123Taxi and Other Road Passenger Transport

62Rail Transport
620Rail Transport
6200Rail Transport

63Water Transport
630Water Transport
6300Water Transport, undefined
6301International Sea Transport
6302Coastal Water Transport
6303Inland Water Transport

64Air and Space Transport
640Air and Space Transport
6400Air and Space Transport, undefined
6401Scheduled International Air Transport
6402Scheduled Domestic Air Transport
6403Non-Scheduled Air and Space Transport

65Other Transport
650Other Transport
6500Other Transport, undefined
6501Pipeline Transport
6509Transport, nec

66Services to Transport
660Services to Transport, undefined
6600Services to Transport
661Services to Road Transport
6610Services to Road Transport, undefined
6611Parking Services
6619Services to Road Transport, nec
662Services to Water Transport
6620Services to Water Transport, undefined
6622Water Transport Terminals
6623Port Operators
6629Services to Water Transport, nec
663Services to Air Transport
6630Services to Air Transport
664Other Services to Transport
6640Other Services to Transport, undefined
6641Travel Agency Services
6642Road Freight Forwarding
6643Freight Forwarding (Except Road)
6644Customs Agency Services
6649Services to Transport, nec

6700Storage, undefined
6701Grain Storage
6709Storage, nec


71Communication Services
710Communication Services, undefined
7100Communication Services, undefined
711Postal and Courier Services
7110Postal and Courier Services, undefined
7111Postal Services
7112Courier Services
712Telecommunication Services
7120Telecommunication Services


K0Finance and Insurance, undefined
K00Finance and Insurance, undefined
K000Finance and Insurance, undefined

730Finance, undefined
7300Finance, undefined
731Central Bank
7310Central Bank
732Deposit Taking Financiers
7320Deposit Taking Financiers, undefined
7322Building Societies
7323Credit Unions
7324Money Market Dealers
7329Deposit Taking Financiers, nec
733Other Financiers
7330Other Financiers
734Financial Asset Investors
7340Financial Asset Investors

740Insurance, undefined
7400Insurance, undefined
741Life Insurance and Superannuation Funds
7410Life Insurance and Superannuation Funds, undefined
7411Life Insurance
7412Superannuation Funds
742Other Insurance
7420Other Insurance, undefined
7421Health Insurance
7422General Insurance

75Services to Finance and Insurance
750Services to Finance and Insurance, undefined
7500Services to Finance and Insurance, undefined
751Services to Finance and Investment
7510Services to Finance and Investment, undefined
7511Financial Asset Broking Services
7519Services to Finance and Investment, nec
752Services to Insurance
7520Services to Insurance


L0Property and Business Services, undefined
L00Property and Business Services, undefined
L000Property and Business Services, undefined

77Property Services
770Property Services, undefined
7700Property Services, undefined
771Property Operators and Developers
7710Property Operators and Developers, undefined
7711Residential Property Operators
7712Commercial Property Operators and Developers
772Real Estate Agents
7720Real Estate Agents
773Non-Financial Asset Investors
7730Non-Financial Asset Investors
774Machinery and Equipment Hiring and Leasing
7740Machinery and Equipment Hiring and Leasing, undefined
7741Motor Vehicle Hiring
7742Other Transport Equipment Leasing
7743Plant Hiring or Leasing

78Business Services
780Business Services, undefined
7800Business Services, undefined
781Scientific Research
7810Scientific Research
782Technical Services
7820Technical Services, undefined
7821Architectural Services
7822Surveying Services
7823Consulting Engineering Services
7829Technical Services, nec
783Computer Services
7830Computer Services, undefined
7831Data Processing Services
7832Information Storage and Retrieval Services
7833Computer Maintenance Services
7834Computer Consultancy Services
784Legal and Accounting Services
7840Legal and Accounting Services, undefined
7841Legal Services
7842Accounting Services
785Marketing and Business Management Services
7850Marketing and Business Management Services, undefined
7851Advertising Services
7852Commercial Art and Display Services
7853Market Research Services
7854Business Administrative Services
7855Business Management Services
786Other Business Services
7860Other Business Services, undefined
7861Employment Placement Services
7862Contract Staff Services
7863Secretarial Services
7864Security and Investigative Services (Except Police)
7865Pest Control Services
7866Cleaning Services
7867Contract Packing Services, nec
7869Business Services, nec


M0Government Administration and Defence, undefined
M00Government Administration and Defence, undefined
M000Government Administration and Defence, undefined

81Government Administration
810Government Administration, undefined
8100Government Administration, undefined
811Government Administration
8110Government Administration (Except Defence)
8111Central Government Administration
8112State Government Administration
8113Local Government Administration
813Foreign Government Representation
8130Foreign Government Representation



840Education, undefined
8400Education, undefined
841Preschool Education
8410Preschool Education
842School Education
8420School Education, undefined
8421Primary Education
8422Secondary Education
8423Combined Primary and Secondary Education
8424Special School Education
843Post School Education
8430Post School Education, undefined
8431Higher Education
8432Technical and Further Education
844Other Education
8440Other Education


O0Health and Community Services, undefined
O00Health and Community Services, undefined
O000Health and Community Services, undefined

86Health Services
860Health Services, undefined
8600Health Services, undefined
861Hospitals and Nursing Homes
8610Hospitals and Nursing Homes, undefined
8611Hospitals (Except Psychiatric Hospitals)
8612Psychiatric Hospitals
8613Nursing Homes
862Medical and Dental Services
8620Medical and Dental Services, undefined
8621General Practice Medical Services
8622Specialist Medical Services
8623Dental Services
863Other Health Services
8630Other Health Services, undefined
8631Pathology Services
8632Optometry and Optical Dispensing
8633Ambulance Services
8634Community Health Centres
8635Physiotherapy Services
8636Chiropractic Services
8639Health Services, nec
864Veterinary Services
8640Veterinary Services

87Community Services
870Community Services, undefined
8700Community Services, undefined
871Child Care Services
8710Child Care Services
872Community Care Services
8720Community Care Services, undefined
8721Accommodation for the Aged
8722Residential Care Services, nec
8729Non-Residential Care Services, nec


P0Cultural and Recreational Services, undefined
P00Cultural and Recreational Services, undefined
P000Cultural and Recreational Services, undefined

91Motion Picture, Radio and Television Services
910Motion Picture, Radio and Television Services, undefined
9100Motion Picture, Radio and Television Services, undefined
911Film and Video Services
9110Film and Video Services, undefined
9111Film and Video Production
9112Film and Video Distribution
9113Motion Picture Exhibition
912Radio and Television Services
9120Radio and Television Services, undefined
9121Radio Services
9122Television Services

92Libraries, Museums and the Arts
920Libraries, Museums and the Arts, undefined
9200Libraries, Museums and the Arts, undefined
923Parks and Gardens
9230Parks and Gardens, undefined
9231Zoological and Botanic Gardens
9239Recreational Parks and Gardens
9240Arts, undefined
9241Music and Theatre Productions
9242Creative Arts
925Services to the Arts
9250Services to the Arts, undefined
9251Sound Recording Studios
9252Performing Arts Venues
9259Services to the Arts, nec

93Sport and Recreation
930Sport and Recreation, undefined
9300Sport and Recreation, undefined
9310Sport, undefined
9311Horse and Dog Racing
9312Sports Grounds and Facilities, nec
9319Sports and Services to Sports, nec
932Gambling Services
9320Gambling Services, undefined
9329Gambling Services, nec
933Other Recreation Services
9330Other Recreation Services


Q0Personal and Other Services, undefined
Q00Personal and Other Services, undefined
Q000Personal and Other Services, undefined

95Personal Services
950Personal Services, undefined
9500Personal Services, undefined
951Personal and Household Goods Hiring
9510Personal and Household Goods Hiring, undefined
9511Video Hire Outlets
9519Personal and Household Goods Hiring, nec
952Other Personal Services
9520Other Personal Services, undefined
9521Laundries and Dry-Cleaners
9522Photographic Film Processing
9523Photographic Studios
9524Funeral Directors, Crematoria and Cemeteries
9525Gardening Services
9526Hairdressing and Beauty Salons
9529Personal Services, nec

96Other Services
960Other Services, undefined
9600Other Services, undefined
961Religious Organisations
9610Religious Organisations
962Interest Groups
9620Interest Groups, undefined
9621Business and Professional Associations
9622Labour Associations
9629Interest Groups, nec
963Public Order and Safety Services
9630Public Order and Safety Services, undefined
9631Police Services
9632Corrective Services
9633Fire Brigade Services
9634Waste Disposal Services

97Private Households Employing Staff
970Private Households Employing Staff
9700Private Households Employing Staff


99Non-classifiable economic units
990Non-classifiable economic units
9900Non-classifiable economic units

@@@@Not applicable
VVVVOverseas visitor

Total number of categories: 635

    Not applicable (@@@@) category comprises:
      • Unemployed persons, looking for either full-time or part-time work
      • Persons not in the labour forcePersons with Labour Force Status/Status in Employment (LFSP)
      • Not Stated
      • Persons aged under 15 Years

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