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Caravans, houseboats, etc.

Enumeration of people in caravans, houseboats, cabins etc. varies depending on their situation. Occupied caravans are usually treated as private dwellings with the exception of some caravans on residential allotments (see below).

Caravans on Residential Allotments: An occupied caravan on a residential allotment is usually treated as an occupied private dwelling. The exception to this is where there are one or more other structures on the allotment and the occupants of the caravan live and eat with the occupants of the main dwelling. In this case the occupants are all classed as one household and the caravan is counted as an additional room of the main dwelling.

Caravans on Roadsides/Open Land: Prior to the 2006 Census, occupied caravans at roadside parking areas or on open land were classified as sleepers-out for the variable Dwelling Structure (STRD). The occupants of the caravans complete Household forms.

For the 2006 Census, caravans on roadsides/open land are treated the same as caravans in caravan parks. That is, they are treated as occupied private dwellings and families are identified and coded.

Caravans or Cabins in Caravan Parks: Since the 1986 Census, occupied caravans or cabins in caravan parks have been treated as occupied private dwellings, i.e. families are identified and coded. Prior to this, they were treated as non-private dwellings.

Houseboats: Occupied houseboats are treated as occupied private dwellings regardless of location. Prior to the 1986 Census, occupied craft in marinas were treated as non-private dwellings.

Managers' residences in caravan parks or marinas are enumerated and classified as separate private dwellings. Unoccupied caravans and boats/craft, regardless of location, are not counted in the Census.

See also Dwelling, Dwelling Location (DLOD), Dwelling Structure (STRD), Dwelling Type (DWTD), Household.

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