3303.0 - Causes of Death, Australia, 2011 Quality Declaration 
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 15/03/2013   
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The progress measure for potentially avoidable deaths comprises potentially preventable deaths and potentially treatable deaths. Potentially preventable deaths are those which are amenable to screening and primary prevention, such as immunisation, and reflect the effectiveness of the current preventive health activities of the health sector. Deaths from potentially treatable conditions are those which are amenable to therapeutic interventions, and reflect the safety and quality of the current treatment system.

The following table lists codes used in the tabulation of avoidable mortality for the current release. Potentially avoidable mortality is calculated using data for persons aged under 75 years.


Limits (age, sex)Treatable Preventable

Cause of death groupICD-10 Codes
TuberculosisA15–A19, B90 X
Selected invasive bacterial and protozoal infectionsA38–A41, A46, A48.1 B50–B54, G00,G03, J02.0, J13–J15, J18, L03 X
HepatitisB15–B19 X
Viral pneumonia and influenzaJ10, J12, , J21 X
Enteritis and other diarrhoeal diseaseA00–A09 X
Childhood vaccine-preventable diseasesA35–A37, A49.1, A49.2, A80, B01, B05–B06, J110–14 X
Sexually transmitted diseases, except HIV/AIDSA50–A64, M02.3, N34.1, N70–N73, N75.0, N75.1, N76.4, N76.6, O00 X
Ear infections—otitis media and mastoiditisH65–H70 X
Upper respiratory tract infectionJ00–J06 X
Lip, oral cavity and pharynxC00–C14 X
OesophagusC15 X
StomachC16 X
ColorectalC18–C21 X
LiverC22 X
LungC33, C34 X
Melanoma of skinC43 X
Non-melanocytic skinC44 X
CervixC53 X
UterusC54, C55 X
BladderC67 X
ThyroidC73 X
Hodgkin’s diseaseC81 X
Lymphoid leukaemia—acute/chronicC91.0, C91.1 X
Benign cancersD10–D36 X
Malignant neoplasm of testisC62 X
Malignant neoplasm of eye and adnexaC69 X
DiabetesE10–E14 X (0.5)X (0.5)
Drug use disorders
Alcohol related diseaseF10, I42.6, K29.2, K70 X
Illicit drug use disordersF11–F16, F18, F19 X
EpilepsyG40, G41 X
Diseases of the circulatory system
Rheumatic and other valvular heart diseaseI01–I09 X
Hypertensive heart diseaseI11 X
Ischaemic heart diseaseI20–I25 X (0.5)X (0.5)
Cerebrovascular diseasesI60–I69 X (0.5)X (0.5)
Aortic aneurysmI71 X
Phlebitis and thrombophlebitis of other deep vessels of lower extremities I80.2 X
Pulmonary embolismI26 X
Diseases of the genitourinary system
Nephritis and nephrosisI12, I13, N00–N07, N17–N19 X
Obstructive uropathy & prostatic hyperplasiaN13, N20, N21, N35, N40 X
Diseases of the respiratory system
COPDJ40–J4445–74 years X
AsthmaJ45, J460–44 yearsX
Diseases of the digestive system
Peptic ulcer diseaseK25–K28 X
Diseases of appendix; hernia; disorders of gallbladder, biliary tract, and pancreas K35–K38, K40–K46, K80–K83, K85, K86 X
Chronic liver disease (excluding alcohol-related disease)K73, K74 X
Maternal & infant causes
Birth defectsH31.1, P00, P04, Q00–Q99 X
Complications of perinatal periodP03, P05–P95 X
Unintentional injuries
Road traffic injuriesV01–V04, V06, V09–V80, V87, V89, V99 X
FallsW00–W19 X
Fires, burnsX00–X09 X
Accidental poisoningsX40–X49 X
DrowningsW65–W74 X
WarY36 X
Intentional injuries
Suicide and self-inflicted injuriesX60–X84, Y87.0, Y10–Y34 X
ViolenceX85–Y09, Y87.1 X
Other conditions
Nutritional deficiency anaemiaD50–D53 X
Thyroid disordersE00–E07 X
Adrenal disordersE24, E27 X
Congenital metabolic disordersE25, E70.0, E74.2 X
Osteomyelitis and other osteopathies of boneM86, M89 X
Complications of pregnancy, labour or the puerperiumO01–O99 X
Misadventures to patients during surgical and medical careY60–Y69 X
Medical devices associated with adverse incidents in diagnostic & therapeutic useY70–Y82 X
Surgical and other medical procedures as the cause of abnormal reaction of the patient, or of later complication, without mention of misadventure at the time of the procedureY83–Y84 X