2901.0 - Census Dictionary, 2006 (Reissue)  
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    HIED Second release
    Household Income-Equivalised (weekly)
    Equivalised household income is total household income adjusted by the application of an equivalence scale to facilitate comparison of income levels between households of differing size and composition.

    Equivalised household income can be viewed as an indicator of the economic resources available to a standardised household. For a lone person household it is equal to household income. For a household comprising more than one person, it is an indicator of the household income that would be needed by a lone person household to enjoy the same level of economic wellbeing.
    This recode is based on Individual Income (Weekly) (INCP) ranges.
    Applicable to: Occupied private dwellings
    Annual income ranges are displayed within brackets.
    01 Negative income
    02 Nil income
    03 $1-$149 ($1-$7,799)
    04 $150-$249 ($7,800-$12,999)
    05 $250-$399 ($13,000-$20,799)
    06 $400-$599 ($20,800-$31,199)
    07 $600-$799 ($31,200-$41,599)
    08 $800-$999 ($41,600-$51,999)
    09 $1,000-$1,299 ($52,000-$67,599)
    10 $1,300-$1,599 ($67,600-$83,199)
    11 $1,600-$1,999 ($83,200-$103,999)
    12 $2,000 or more ($104,000 or more)
    13 Partial income stated
    14 All incomes not stated
    15 Not applicable
    Total number of categories: 15
    Not applicable (15) category comprises:
    Non-private dwellings
    Unoccupied private dwellings
    Migratory, off-shore and shipping CDs
    Other non classifiable households
    Visitor only households

Note: This page was amended on 6th June 2008.

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