1001.0 - Australian Bureau of Statistics -- Annual Report, 2016-17  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 19/10/2017   
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  • Glossary


AAIsAccountable Authority Instructions
ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics
ABS cat. no.ABS catalogue number uniquely identifies each title in the ABS product range. Further details can be found on the ABS website.
ABS Stats AppApplication that enables access to key economic indicators. Further details are on the ABS website.
ABWactivity based working
Accredited Integrating AuthorityAccredited Integrating Authorities are authorised to undertake high risk data integration projects involving Commonwealth data for statistical and research purposes. Further details are on the ABS website.
ACLDAustralian Census Longitudinal Dataset
ANDAustralian Network on Disability
ANUAustralian National University
APS Australian Public Service
APSCAustralian Public Service Commission
ASAC Australian Statistics Advisory Council
ASDAustralian Signals Directorate
ATOAustralian Taxation Office
BITREBureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics
BLADEBusiness Longitudinal Analysis Data Environment
CALDculturally and linguistically diverse
CDCCanberra Data Centre
CDEPCommunity Development Employment Projects
CensusCensus of Population and Housing, conducted every five years under the authority of the Census and Statistics Act 1905. The Census aims to measure accurately the number of people and dwellings in Australia on Census Night, and a range of their key characteristics.
Census PESCensus Post-Enumeration Survey. This is conducted after every Census to measure Census quality and produce high quality population estimates.
Commonwealth arrangementsArrangements by which Commonwealth entities are authorised to undertake high risk data integration projects involving Commonwealth data for statistical and research purposes. Further details are on the ABS website.
CMSABS Collection Management System
COAGCouncil of Australian Governments
CPI Consumer Price Index
data integrationBringing information from different sources together for statistical and research purposes
DataLabFacility delivering remote access to data and increased ability to handle large datasets with faster processing through new/external servers. Further details are on the ABS website.
Data61A data innovation group, specialising in data science and engineering
DDoS attackdistributed denial of service attack (against websites)
DFATDepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade
digital-first2016 Census strategy aimed at encouraging greater use of online approaches to all aspects of Census operations and delivery
DIISDepartment of Industry, Innovation and Science
DIPAData Integration Partnership for Australia
DLCDDynamic Land Cover Data
DRCDisclosure Review Committee
DSBBDissemination Standards Bulletin Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
dwellingA dwelling is a structure which is intended to have people live in it, and which is habitable on Census night. Some examples of dwellings are houses, motels, flats, caravans, prisons, tents, humpies and houseboats. Further details are on the ABS website.
EAPEmployee Assistance Program
ELExecutive Level
ELG Executive Leadership Group
EMSEnvironmental Management System
EPBC ActEnvironment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999
ESAGEconomic Statistics Advisory Group
FOI ActFreedom of Information Act 1982

full-time equivalent (employees)

Flexible working environments strategy
GAGeoscience Australia
GLIDEGraphically-Linked Information Discovery Environment.
GSTGoods and Services Tax
HSRHealth and Safety Representative
HRhuman resources
IAGDPIndigenous Australian Government Development Program
IAPIndependent Assurance Panel, which consists of eminent Australian and international experts to provide extra assurance and transparency of Census data quality. The full report can be found on the ABS website.
ICT information and communications technology
IMF International Monetary Fund
IPSInformation Publication Scheme
ICTinformation and communications technology
JCPAAJoint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit (parliamentary committee)
LGBTIlesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex
MACMethodology Advisory Committee
MADIPMulti-agency Data Integration Project
MFDmulti-function device
N/A not applicable
NationalMapHosted by the data.gov.au website, offers a platform for discovering and visualising a broad range of government and non-government datasets across various geographies of Australia.
NHSCNational Health & Safety Committee
outpostedAn ABS officer posted to another agency
PBSPortfolio Budget Statement
PGPA ActPublic Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013
PIMSABS Provider Information Management System
PIPPerformance Improvement Plan
PSSAGPopulation and Social Statistics Advisory Group
RMSRehabilitation Management System
s.section (legislation)
SBT ProgramStatistical Business Transformation Program
SCH Statistical Clearing House
SDDSSpecial Data Dissemination Standard
SDMX APIStatistical Data and Metadata eXchange Application Programming Interface
SEEASystem of Environmental-Economic Accounting (UN)
SEIFASocio-Economic Indexes for Areas
SES Senior Executive Service
SMESmall and Medium Enterprises
SMG Senior Management Group
SSFState Statistical Forum
WHS work health and safety
WHS ActWork Health and Safety Act 2011