1254.0.55.001 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Product Classification (ANZSPC), 2001  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 14/06/2001  Ceased
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93321.50 Vacation care services
44800.90 Vacuum cleaners and floor polishers
34100.20.50 Valeric acid
84100.60 Value-added voice services
29220.10 Vanity cases, leather
29220.20 Vanity cases, non-leather
35100.90 Varnish remover
41280.40 Varnished cladding
41280.40 Varnished profile decking
41280.40 Varnished steel fencing sheet
41280.40 Varnished steel sheet
42900.48.20 Vats and tanks of a capacity not exceeding 300 litres, not fitted with mechanical or thermal equipment (excluding containers for compressed or liquefied gas), aluminium (thickness 6 mm or more)
42900.48.20 Vats and tanks of a capacity not exceeding 300 litres, not fitted with mechanical or thermal equipment (excluding containers for compressed or liquefied gas), plate iron and steel (thickness 3 mm or more)
42200.10 Vats of a capacity exceeding 300 litres (excluding with mechanical or thermal equipment), aluminium (excluding sheet metal)
42200.10 Vats of a capacity exceeding 300 litres (excluding with mechanical or thermal equipment), iron (excluding sheet metal)
42200.10 Vats of a capacity exceeding 300 litres (excluding with mechanical or thermal equipment), steel (excluding sheet metal)
42200.20 Vats of a capacity exceeding 300 litres, sheet metal
42900.48.30 Vats of a capacity not exceeding 300 litres, sheet metal
37500.40 Vats, concrete
31700.20 Vats, wooden
23990.15 Vegetable based baby preparations
23990.15 Vegetable based health preparations
23990.15 Vegetable based invalid preparations
34610.40 Vegetable fertilisers
21400.30 Vegetable juices (including mixtures)
21600.10 Vegetable oil, crude
03200.90 Vegetable saps and extracts
01500.50 Vegetable seed
29100.10 Vegetable tanned leather (including re-tanned)
21800.30 Vegetable waxes
01230.90 Vegetables, fresh or chilled, n.e.c.
21300.40 Vegetables, frozen
21300.90 Vegetables, prepared or preserved (including dried or shelled) n.e.c.
46100.70.10 Vehicle electric motors of an output not exceeding 37.5W
31510.00 Veneer sheets
31450.00 Veneered panels exceeding 6 mm thickness
42900.44.10 Venetian blinds (including plastic coated), aluminium
44800.68.10 Ventilating or recycling hoods having a maximum horizontal side not exceeding 120 cm
54632.00 Ventilation installation services
37500.60 Vents, plaster
71512.00 Venture capital services
38170.10.10 Verandah seating
16390.45 Vermiculite
24200.40 Vermouth
67630.00 Vessel refloating services
67630.00 Vessel salvage services
49300.20 Vessels of 50 tonnes or more displacement n.e.c.
49300.10 Vessels under 50 tonnes displacement n.e.c.
01900.50.40 Vetches for grain
93200.05 Veterinary consultation services
93200.25 Veterinary dentistry services
93200.35 Veterinary desexing services
93200.40 Veterinary hospitalisation (in-patient care) services
93200.45 Veterinary laboratory services
93200.15 Veterinary medication services (excluding vaccination services)
93200.45 Veterinary pathology services
35200.40 Veterinary products (excluding animal feed supplements)
93200.90 Veterinary services, other
93200.30 Veterinary surgery services (excluding desexing services)
93200.10 Veterinary travel services
93200.20 Veterinary vaccination services
93200.50 Veterinary x-ray and imaging services
84100.50 Video conferencing services
47300.90 Video equipment and parts and accessories, other
73220.30 Video game rental services
38500.20.30 Video games of a kind used with a television receiver
96100.30.10 Video post-production services
47300.30.90 Video recording or reproducing equipment, other
96100.50.20 Video tape projection services
73220.90 Video tape rental services, other
47500.10.10 Video tape, blank
47500.10.20 Video tape, pre-recorded
01230.36.20 Vietnamese lettuce, fresh or chilled
23990.35 Vinegar from wine
23990.30 Vinegar, excluding vinegar from wine
92230.00 Vocational secondary education services
93325.45 Vocational training services for persons with disabilities
24100.20.60 Vodka
24100.20.60 Vodka-based drinks

27900.90 Wadding
35200.10 Wadding, medical
35200.10 Wadding, surgical
23400.10 Wafers
23400.10 Waffles
54750.00 Wall covering services, other
36900.30 Wall coverings (excluding tiles), plastic
32100.68 Wall coverings, textile
31600.50 Wall frames, wooden
54750.00 Wall papering services, other
37300.10 Wall tiles, ceramic
36900.40 Wall tiles, plastic
54740.00 Wall tiling services
32100.24 Wallets of paper or paperboard
29220.10 Wallets, leather
29220.20 Wallets, non-leather
32100.90.30 Wallpaper, adhesive
32100.90.30 Wallpaper, liquid activated gummed
01360.80 Walnuts, dried
01360.80 Walnuts, fresh, whether or not shelled
53121.20 Warehouses
37200.10 Wash basins, ceramic
42900.64 Washers, metal
44800.04 Washing machines, clothes, domestic
89310.00 Waste and scrap recycling services, metal, on a fee or contract basis
39300.10 Waste and scrap, aluminium
39300.20 Waste and scrap, copper
39300.40 Waste and scrap, lead
39300.90 Waste and scrap, metal n.e.c.
39300.30 Waste and scrap, nickel
39300.60 Waste and scrap, tin
39300.50 Waste and scrap, zinc
39300.80 Waste from the manufacture or further processing of iron and steel n.e.c.
39100.90 Wastes from the food and tobacco industry n.e.c.
88234.00 Watch and clock manufacturing services
48400.90 Watch cases and parts
37100.90 Watch glassware
48400.90 Watch straps and parts, metal
87220.00 Watches repair services
48400.90 Watches, other
38400.10 Water-skis
42300.00 Water boilers (except central heating boilers), super heated
42300.00 Water boilers (except central heating boilers), super heated, parts n.e.c.
01240.40 Water chestnut, fresh or chilled
01230.57.40 Water convolvulus, fresh or chilled
86330.00 Water distribution services through mains (on a fee or contract basis)
43900.90 Water filtering and purifying machines
17200.90 Water gas
36900.70 Water mattresses
01315.30 Water melons, fresh
01230.45.10 Water parsley, fresh or chilled
54621.00 Water plumbing services
54530.00 Water proofing services
51290.70 Water rights
01230.57.40 Water spinach, fresh or chilled
38400.10 Water sports equipment, other
53200.25 Water storage and supply constructions
54341.00 Water well drilling services
01230.67 Watercress, fresh or chilled
67610.00 Waterway operation services (excluding cargo handling)
69210.00 Water, except steam and hot water, distribution services through mains
44780.90 Weapons n.e.c. and parts thereof (excluding ammunition)
88122.00 Wearing apparel manufacturing services
39100.70 Weasands
83550.00 Weather forecasting services
84200.10.30 Web hosting services
83142.10.10 Website design services
34620.30 Weed killers
43900.90 Weighing machinery
42900.04.20 Welded wire fabric (excluding reinforcing), iron
42900.04.20 Welded wire fabric (excluding reinforcing), steel
14290.40.60 Wet mixed titanium concentrate
36200.20.30 Wetsuits
01110.90 Wheat and meslin (excluding wheat for grain)
39100.30 Wheat bran for human consumption
23100.20 Wheat flours (excluding self-raising flour)
01110.10 Wheat for grain
23200.50 Wheat gluten
23200.40 Wheat starch
49950.90 Wheelbarrows
38500.10.10 Wheeled toys designed to be ridden by children
44100.95 Wheeled tractors n.e.c. (excluding crawler, agricultural, construction and earthmoving)
22900.70 Whey
22900.70 Whey cream
24100.20.70 Whiskey
01230.09.40.20 White Chinese flowering cabbage, fresh or chilled
23600.20 White chocolate
24200.10.90 White port
01230.53.20 White radish, fresh or chilled
24100.20.40.10 White rum
53122.10 Wholesale trade buildings
61100.00 Wholesale trade services, except on a fee or contract basis
61200.00 Wholesale trade services, on a fee or contract basis
27900.30 Wicks, textile
38900.81 Wigs
96422.00 Wildlife preservation services
82100.55 Wills legal services
38300.30 Wind musical instruments
42100.30 Window frames, iron
42100.30 Window frames, steel
31600.50 Window frames, wooden, (including with glass)
42100.10 Windows (including glass) and their frames, aluminium
46900.10 Windscreen wipers for motor vehicle, tractor or motor cycle
37100.50 Windscreens
24200.90 Wine products, other (including de-alcoholised, low and reduced alcohol wines, marsala and flavoured wine)
24200.20.20.90 Wine, red and rose, other
24200.20.20.02 Wine, red, Alicante Bouschet
24200.20.20.04 Wine, red, Barbera
24200.20.20.06 Wine, red, Bastardo
24200.20.20.08 Wine, red, Cabernet franc
24200.20.20.10 Wine, red, Cabernet Sauvignon
24200.20.20.14 Wine, red, Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec
24200.20.20.16 Wine, red, Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot
24200.20.20.12 Wine, red, Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Cabernet Franc
24200.20.20.18 Wine, red, Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz
24200.20.20.20 Wine, red, Carignan
24200.20.20.22 Wine, red, Cinsault
24200.20.20.24 Wine, red, Dolcetto
24200.20.20.26 Wine, red, Durif
24200.20.20.28 Wine, red, Grenache
24200.20.20.30 Wine, red, Grenache Shiraz
24200.20.20.32 Wine, red, Malbec
24200.20.20.34 Wine, red, Mataro
24200.20.20.36 Wine, red, Merlot
24200.20.20.38 Wine, red, Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon
24200.20.20.40 Wine, red, Merlot Shiraz
24200.20.20.42 Wine, red, Meunier
24200.20.20.44 Wine, red, Mondeuse
24200.20.20.46 Wine, red, Muscat a petit grains rouge
24200.20.20.48 Wine, red, Nebbiolo
24200.20.20.50 Wine, red, Petit verdo
24200.20.20.54 Wine, red, Pinot Chardonnay
24200.20.20.52 Wine, red, Pinot noir
24200.20.20.56 Wine, red, Ruby Cabernet
24200.20.20.58 Wine, red, Sangiovese
24200.20.20.60 Wine, red, Shiraz
24200.20.20.62 Wine, red, Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon
24200.20.20.64 Wine, red, Shiraz Grenache
24200.20.20.66 Wine, red, Shiraz Merlot
24200.20.20.68 Wine, red, Tarrango
24200.20.20.70 Wine, red, Tempranillo
24200.20.20.72 Wine, red, Touriga
24200.20.10.90 Wine, white n.e.c.
24200.20.10.02 Wine, white, Biancone
24200.20.10.04 Wine, white, Canada muscat
24200.20.10.08 Wine, white, Chardonnay
24200.20.10.10 Wine, white, Chardonnay Marsanne
24200.20.10.12 Wine, white, Chardonnay Semillon
24200.20.10.14 Wine, white, Chardonnay Traminer
24200.20.10.16 Wine, white, Chardonnay Verdelho
24200.20.10.18 Wine, white, Chasselas
24200.20.10.06 Wine, white, Chenin blanc
24200.20.10.20 Wine, white, Clairette
24200.20.10.22 Wine, white, Columbard
24200.20.10.24 Wine, white, Crouchen
24200.20.10.26 Wine, white, Doradillo
24200.20.10.28 Wine, white, Malbec
24200.20.10.30 Wine, white, Marsanne
24200.20.10.38 Wine, white, Muller-Thurgau
24200.20.10.32 Wine, white, Muscadelle
24200.20.10.34 Wine, white, Muscat a petit grains blanc
24200.20.10.36 Wine, white, Muscat gordo blanco
24200.20.10.40 Wine, white, Palomino
24200.20.10.42 Wine, white, Pedro Ximenes
24200.20.10.44 Wine, white, Riesling
24200.20.10.46 Wine, white, Riesling Chardonnay
24200.20.10.48 Wine, white, Sauvignon blanc
24200.20.10.50 Wine, white, Sauvignon Blanc Chardonnay
24200.20.10.52 Wine, white, Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
24200.20.10.54 Wine, white, Semillon
24200.20.10.56 Wine, white, Semillon Chardonnay
24200.20.10.58 Wine, white, Semillon Sauvignon blanc
24200.20.10.60 Wine, white, Semillon Verdelho
24200.20.10.62 Wine, white, Sultana wine
24200.20.10.66 Wine, white, Traminer
24200.20.10.68 Wine, white, Traminer Riesling
24200.20.10.64 Wine, white, Traminga
24200.20.10.70 Wine, white, Trebbiano
24200.20.10.72 Wine, white, Verdelho
24200.20.10.74 Wine, white, Viognier
24200.20.10.76 Wine, white, Waltham Cross
01230.05.40 Winged bean, fresh or chilled
01230.68 Winter melon, fresh or chilled
41290.30 Wire for further processing, iron
41290.30 Wire for further processing, steel
42900.08 Wire frying baskets
42100.25 Wire gates (cross-sectional dimension of wire 16 mm or less), iron
42100.25 Wire gates (cross-sectional dimension of wire 16 mm or less), steel
42900.24 Wire of a kind used for electrical (including arc) welding, base metal
42900.08 Wire plate racks
42900.08 Wire pot scourers
41500.40 Wire products, rolled, drawn or extruded, aluminium
41500.10 Wire rod, aluminium
41500.10 Wire rod, aluminium alloy
41500.50 Wire rod, brass
41500.50 Wire rod, copper or copper alloy
38150.40 Wire spring mattress supports
41500.70 Wire (excluding stranded, braided or insulated), brass
41500.70 Wire (excluding stranded, braided or insulated), copper or copper alloy
46300.20 Wire (excluding insulated winding) for uses other than computing/communications, other
42900.88.10 Wire, stranded, not electrically insulated, iron
42900.88.10 Wire, stranded, not electrically insulated, steel
01230.69 Witloof chicory, fresh or chilled
14290.45.30 Wolfram concentrate
14290.45.10 Wolfram ore
88130.00 Wood and cork, except furniture, manufacturing services
44200.30 Wood and metal working machinery and parts n.e.c. (excluding saw blades, metal moulds and dies)
31220.00 Wood flour
03190.90 Wood in the rough, n.e.c.
31900.90 Wood products n.e.c.
35100.90 Wood stains
34400.20 Wood tar, oils or creosote
31220.00 Wood wool
52100.90 Wooded land, other
03190.10 Wooden sticks, roughly trimmed but not otherwise worked
02900.30 Wool
21600.70 Wool grease
44100.90 Wool presses
26140.00 Wool tops
26130.20 Wool, carbonised, not carded or combed
26130.10 Wool, scoured (degreased, not carded, combed or carbonised)
23990.25 Worcestershire sauce
45100.40 Word processors
44200.50 Work holders, tool holders, self-opening die-heads and dividing heads for machine tools, metal
82100.45.20 Worker's compensation legal services
44900.10 Working plastics machines (excluding parts)
44900.10 Working rubber machines (excluding parts)
26800.30 Woven chenille fabrics (other than narrow fabrics) of cotton
26800.40 Woven chenille fabrics (other than narrow fabrics) of man-made fibres
26600.00 Woven cotton fabrics, excluding narrow and special fabrics
26800.30 Woven pile fabrics (other than narrow fabrics) of cotton
26800.40 Woven pile fabrics (other than narrow fabrics) of man-made fibres
27100.06 Woven table linen (excluding cotton)
27100.06 Woven textile interior furnishings (excluding blinds, bedspreads, lampshades and floor coverings)
42900.04.30 Woven wire fabric (excluding mattress supports), iron
42900.04.30 Woven wire fabric (excluding mattress supports), steel
38150.40 Woven wire mattress supports
01500.30 Wreaths
32100.24 Writing compendiums of paper or paperboard
32600.00 Writing pads
32100.16 Writing paper
48100.45 X-ray equipment and parts or accessories
16120.45 Xenotime concentrate
34500.60 Xylole, not chemically or commercially pure
49400.10 Yachts of 5 tonnes or more displacement but less than 50 tonnes displacement
49400.20.90 Yachts under 5 tonnes displacement
01240.50 Yam, fresh or chilled
27900.30 Yarn fabrics, bonded
26400.90 Yarn n.e.c., synthetic or artificial filament
26300.90 Yarn (excluding elastic or elastomeric) of natural fibres other than wool or fine animal hair
35500.00 Yarn, single synthetic, elastomeric textured, high tenacity
35500.00 Yarn, textured, of artificial fibres
26300.20 Yarn, woolen
26300.20 Yarn, worsted
23990.55 Yeast
23990.55 Yeast extracts
22900.60 Yoghurt
63193.00 Youth hostel services
14290.50.30 Zinc-lead concentrate
41400.60 Zinc alloys
14290.50.20 Zinc concentrate
41500.80 Zinc drawn semi-finished products
41500.80 Zinc extruded semi-finished products
14290.50.10 Zinc ore
41400.55 Zinc primary recovery
41500.80 Zinc rolled semi-finished products
41400.30 Zinc secondary recovery from purchased scrap
41400.55 Zinc secondary recovery (excluding from purchased scrap)
14290.55 Zircon concentrate
41600.30 Zirconium primary recovery
41600.40 Zirconium secondary recovery from purchased scrap
41600.30 Zirconium secondary recovery (excluding from purchased scrap)
96421.20 Zoological garden services
01230.51.50 Zucchini, fresh or chilled

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