1254.0.55.001 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Product Classification (ANZSPC), 2001  
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Contents >> Chapter 3: The detailed classification >> Section 4: Metal Products, Machinery and Equipment >> Division 42: Fabricated Metal Products, except Machinery and Equipment



421Structural metal products and parts thereof

421042100Structural metal products and parts thereof
42100.05Aluminium combined door-window units
42100.10Aluminium doors (including roller and concertina) (excluding fire doors), windows (including glass) and their frames; roller grilles
42100.15Metal (other than aluminium) door or door frames (excluding fire doors)
42100.20Iron, steel or aluminium fire doors; fabricated iron or steel stairs, balustrades and other architectural products
42100.25Iron or steel wire gates (cross-sectional dimension of wire 16 mm or less)
42100.30Iron or steel window frames
42100.35Prefabricated chimney stacks and livestock yarding equipment
42100.40Fabricated and prefabricated constructional steel (including scaffolding, perforated steel plate, roof trusses, girders, joists and rafters); iron or steel bridges, bridge sections, towers and lattice masts
42100.45Unassembled large scale fabricated metal storage structures and shelving (other than sheet metal)
42100.50Unassembled large scale sheet metal storage structures and shelving
42100.55Structural metal stands (including seating systems for entertainment or sports venues)
42100.60Structural metal stages (including staging systems for entertainment or sports venues)
42100.90Other aluminium architectural or building products (including shower screens, ceiling sections, gates, partitions, railings and shutters)

422Tanks, reservoirs and containers of iron, steel or aluminium

422042200Tanks, reservoirs and containers of iron, steel or aluminium
42200.10Iron, steel or aluminium (excluding sheet metal) vats and tanks of a capacity exceeding 300 litres (excluding with mechanical or thermal equipment); iron, steel (thickness 3 mm or more) or aluminium (over 6 mm) containers for compressed or liquefied gas
42200.20Sheet metal reservoirs, vats, tanks and similar containers of a capacity exceeding 300 litres
42200.30Metal cylinders for compressed or liquefied gas; other containers of sheet iron or steel (thickness less than 3 mm) or of sheet aluminium (thickness 6 mm or less) for compressed or liquefied gas

423Steam generators, (except central heating boilers) and parts thereof

423042300Steam generators, (except central heating boilers) and parts thereof
42300.00Steam generators, (except central heating boilers) and parts thereof

429Other fabricated metal products

429042900Other fabricated metal products
42900.04Cloth, grill, netting and fencing, of iron or steel wire; expanded metal of iron or steel
42900.04.10Iron or steel expanded metal
42900.04.20Iron or steel welded wire fabric (excluding reinforcing)
42900.04.30Iron or steel woven or linked wire fabric (excluding mattress supports)
42900.04.40Reinforcing steel mesh (welded)
42900.08Domestic metal wire products (including frying baskets, plate racks, pot scourers, hooks and safety pins);copper cloth, grill, netting and fencing; barbed wire; other wire products
42900.12Iron or steel fencing wire (excluding stranded or barbed)
42900.16Iron, steel or copper springs (including leaves for springs)
42900.20Iron or steel chain (other than articulated link chain) and other cast and forged articles of iron or steel
42900.24Electrical welding (including arc) base metal wire, rods, tubes, plates and electrodes
42900.28Hand and machine tools, appliances and parts
42900.28.10Domestic hand-operated metal tools and appliances (including gardening tools, bottle or can openers, slicers, beaters, mixers and juice extractors) (excluding power operated)
42900.28.20Metal hand tools (excluding gardening or power operated or pneumatic)
42900.28.30Non-power operated metal hand tool accessories and attachments (including screwdriver and drilling bits) (excluding twist drills, taps, dies and chasers)
42900.28.40Knives and cutting blades, for machines or for metal working and wood working mechanical appliances
42900.28.50Metal knives (excluding with cutting blades), forks, spoons, ladles, skimmers, cake-servers, tongs and similar kitchen ware or table ware (excluding solid silver or gold); household tools n.e.c.
42900.28.60Metal knives with cutting blades (excluding knives or cutting blades for machines; solid silver or gold knives), razors and razor blades, scissors (excluding electric), hair clippers (excluding electric), hand pieces for shearing machines, manicure sets
42900.28.70Interchangeable tools for power-operated hand tools; sintered metal plates, sticks and tips; rock drilling and earth boring tools
42900.28.80Saw blades
42900.32Locks (including parts and padlocks); keys; metal fittings and mountings for windows and doors (including hinges, hydraulic door closures and door handles); other metal mountings (including hat and towel racks, brackets and latch sets)
42900.36Metal (other than precious) statuettes and other ornaments
42900.40Metal advertising signs, nameplates and sign-plates (excluding electric)
42900.44Metal blinds and awnings
42900.44.10Aluminium venetian blinds (including plastic coated)
42900.44.90Other metal blinds and awnings (excluding aluminium venetian blinds)
42900.48Metal containers of a capacity not exceeding 300 litres
42900.48.10Metal (excluding sheetmetal) casks, drums, cans, boxes, barrels, collapsible tubes, cigarette cases, tool boxes and other containers of a capacity not exceeding 300 litres
42900.48.20Plate iron and steel (thickness 3 mm or more) and aluminium (thickness 6 mm or more) vats and tanks of a capacity not exceeding 300 litres, not fitted with mechanical or thermal equipment (excluding containers for compressed or liquefied gas)
42900.48.30Sheet metal vats, tanks and milk and cream cans of a capacity not exceeding 300 litres
42900.52Metal office or desk equipment other than furniture
42900.52.10Base metal (excluding sheet metal) office or desk equipment other than furniture
42900.52.20Sheet metal office or desk equipment other than office furniture
42900.56Metal moulds and dies
42900.60Metal nails, tacks, staples, spiked cramps, studs, spikes and pins (including drawing and cotter pins) (excluding metallic dowel pins)
42900.64Metal nuts, bolts (including expansion), screws, rivets, washers, dowel pins, masonry anchors and turnbuckles
42900.68Non-ferrous metal castings, diecastings and forgings (excluding pipe fittings, taps, valves, etc.)
42900.72Stoppers, caps, lids, capsules for bottles, threaded bungs, bung covers, seals and other packing accessories, of base metal
42900.76Sheet metal ducting
42900.80Sheet metal non-electric household articles and parts (excluding sanitary ware)
42900.84Sheet metal sanitary ware
42900.88Stranded wire, ropes, cables, plaited bands, slings and the like
42900.88.10Iron or steel stranded wire, ropes, cables, cordage, plaited bands and slings not electrically insulated
42900.88.20Uninsulated copper and aluminium stranded wire, ropes, cables, plaited bands and slings
42900.90Other articles of aluminium n.e.c (including ladders)
42900.94Other sheet metal products; base metal fittings for loose-leaf binders or files; letter clips; letter corners, paper clips, indexing tags and similar office articles; articles of copper, nickel, lead, zinc and tin n.e.c.
42900.98Metal sanitary ware (excluding sheet iron and steel or wire); steel wool; armoured or reinforced safes and strong-boxes; photograph and picture frames; flexible tubing; ladders (excluding aluminium); clothes hoists; anchors and grapnels; ships propellers and blades; Other fabricated metal products n.e.c.

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