Sport, Recreation and Gambling

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    Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

    The collection was a survey of employing businesses in the Australian and New Zealand Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) classes 9311, 9312, 9319, part 9321, 9322, part 9329, part 9330, 5720 and 5740. Also included are Local Government Authorities (8113) and various state and federal sporting authorities (8111, 8112). The seven sport, recreation and gambling industries and two hospitality industries (listed above) were included in the one collection because of the degree to which their activities overlap eg sports businesses with gambling facilities.

    The collection was undertaken in response to government's need for financial information about the sport, recreation and gambling industries. Growth in these industries is of widespread interest, especially the gambling industry.

    The collection included businesses classified to ANZSIC Classes
    5720,5740,9311,9312,9319,part 9321,9322,part 9329,part 9330, 8113, part 8111, part 8112


    Conceptual framework
    Not applicable

    Main outputs
    The publications contain summary employment, income, and expenses tables by industry.

    The four industry publication contain broadly the same core tables with some industry specific tables. The core tables include:
    sources of income

    • items of expenditure
    • characteristics of employment
    • seasonal pattern of employment
    • main occupation of persons employed
    • selected statistics by employment size groupings
    • selected performance ratios

    The industry specific tables include:

    Gambling industries
    • Net and gross takings from gambling by type of gambling and location
    • Number of poker/gaming machines by industry of location and by state
    • Selected performance ratios for the lotteries and casinos industries
    • Number of poker/gaming machines by industry of location and by state

    Sports industries
    • Number of volunteers
    • Key data items for government organisations controlling sporting grounds and facilities

    Clubs, Pubs, Taverns and Bars, Australia
    • Historical data for key data items
    • All main tables cross classified by business with and without gambling facilities
    • Number of gaming/poker machines and coin-operated amusement machines by state
    • Key data items by type of club

    The tables contains data at the Australia level with one state table showing:
    • number of businesses
    • employment
    • wages and salaries
    • gross income

    The publications present statistics classified according to the Australian and New Zealand Industrial Classification (ANZSIC), except for sporting industries where data is presented according to the newly adopted Australian Cultural and Leisure Classification (ACLC). Businesses were selected on the basis of their ANZSIC/ACLC at the management unit level (except for 9330 which is at the establishment level). Where businesses are also engaged in activities not classified to the sports, recreation and gambling industries (e.g. sales of takeaway food), the data for those activities are included as income for those businesses.

    Businesses whose primary source of income is from activities other than sports, recreation and gambling (e.g. income from sales of food), were excluded from this survey.

    Data is available at the ANZSIC class level for gambling and recreation industries, and the ACLC level for sporting industries.

    Business Size
    The publication contains one table of data cross classified by employment size groupings:

    Sports industries
    0-19 persons
    20-49 persons
    50-99 persons
    100 or more persons

    Recrection services industry
    0-4 persons
    5-9 persons
    10-19 persons
    20-99 persons
    100 or more persons

    Pubs, taverns and bars, and clubs (hospitality) industries
    0-9 persons
    10-19 persons
    20-99 persons
    100 or more persons

    Other concepts (summary)
    The surveys include data items specifically tailored to each industry to satisfy the needs of the users, including the following:

    • An income breakdown by source of funds including the three levels of government funding, admission takings, membership and playing fees, sponsorship, specific gambling takings and sales of goods.
    • A detailed breakdown of expenditure.
    • A detailed breakdown of employment data (full-time /part-time, male/female) and broad occupation categories and volunteers for sports industries
    • Activity data specific to the industries. In the case of the gambling activities this will include gambling data for the hotels and clubs industries as well as the gambling industries.
    • State data for key items (i.e. employment, wages and salaries and total income).
    • Industry value added for each industry.

    New South Wales
    South Australia
    Western Australia
    Northern Territory

    Comments and/or Other Regions
    Not applicable

    3 Yearly

    Frequency comments
    Gambling, Clubs, Pubs Taverns and Bars - 3 yearly
    Sport & Recreation - 6 yearly

    The sport and recreation industries have been surveyed as part of the SIS work program only once (i.e. in respect of the 1994-95 financial year.) The pubs, taverns and bars industry and the clubs hospitality industry were previously surveyed with respect to 1997-98, 1994-95, 1991-92, 1986-87, and 1979-80. Gambling industries were previously surveyed in 1994-95 and 1997-98.


    Data availability comments

    Data available in publication: Sports Industries, Australia (ABS Cat. No. 8686.0)

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