2901.0 - Census Dictionary, 2001  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 24/04/2001   
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This section contains the following subsection :
      AGEP - Age
      ANCP - Ancestry
      BEDD - Number of Bedrooms in Private Dwelling
      BPFP - Birthplace of Female Parent
      BPLP - Birthplace of Individual
      BPMP - Birthplace of Male Parent
      CDCAF - Count of Dependent Children Under 15 Temporarily Absent
      CDSAF - Count of Dependent Students (15–24) Temporarily Absent
      CDUCP - CD of Usual Residence Census Night
      CITP - Australian Citizenship
      CNDAF - Count of Non-Dependent Children Temporarily Absent
      COMP - Computer Use at Home
      CPAD - Count of Persons Temporarily Absent from Household
      CPAF - Count of Persons Temporarily Absent from Family
      CTPP - Child Type
      DLOD - Dwelling Location
      DWTD - Dwelling Type
      ENGP - Proficiency in Spoken English
      ENGP01 - Proficiency in Spoken English/Language
      FIDF - Family Income Derivation Indicator
      FINF - Family Income (weekly)
      FMTF - Family Type
      FNOF - Family Number
      FRLF - Relationship Between Families
      GNGP - Industry Sector
      HHTD - Household Type
      HIDD - Household Income Derivation Indicator
      HIND - Household Income (weekly)
      HLRD - Housing Loan Repayments (monthly) dollar values
      HLRD01 - Housing Loan Repayments (monthly) ranges
      HRSP - Hours Worked
      HSCP - Highest Level of Schooling Completed
      INCP - Individual Income (weekly)
      INDP - Industry of Employment
      INGP - Indigenous Status
      JTWDZNP - Journey to Work: Destination Zone
      JTWSAP - Journey to Work: Study Area
      LANP - Language Spoken at Home
      LFSP - Labour Force Status/Status in Employment
      LLDD - Landlord Type
      MCYCD - Number of Motorbikes and Scooters
      MDCP - Social Marital Status
      MSTP - Registered Marital Status
      MTWP - Method of Travel to Work
      MV1D - Household One Year Mobility Indicator
      MV5D - Household Five Year Mobility Indicator
      NETP - Internet Use
      NPDD - Type of Non-Private Dwelling
      OCCP - Occupation
      POCUCP - Postal Area of Usual Address Census Night
      QALFP - Non-School Qualification: Field of Study
      QALLP - Non-School Qualification: Level of Education
      QALYP - Non-School Qualification: Year Completed
      RELP - Religious Affiliation
      RLHP - Relationship in Household
      RLNP - Residential Status in a Non-Private Dwelling
      RNTD - Rent (weekly) dollar values
      RNTD01 - Rent (weekly) ranges
      RPIP - Family/Household Reference Person Indicator
      SEXP - Sex
      SLAUCP - SLA of Usual Residence Census Night
      SLAU1P - SLA of Usual Residence One Year Ago
      SLAU5P - SLA of Usual Residence Five Years Ago
      SPLF - Location of Spouse
      STEUCP - State of Usual Residence Census Night
      STEU1P - State of Usual Residence One Year Ago
      STEU5P - State of Usual Residence Five Years Ago
      STRD - Dwelling Structure
      STUP - Full/Part-Time Student Status
      TEND - Tenure Type
      TYPP - Type of Educational Institution Attending
      UAICP - Usual Address Indicator Census Night
      UAI1P - Usual Address One Year Ago Indicator
      UAI5P - Usual Address Five Years Ago Indicator
      VEHD - Number of Motor Vehicles
      YARP - Year of Arrival in Australia

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