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Consultation during the development of this CRIS

Australian Statistical Advisory Council (ASAC)

ASAC considered a discussion paper outlining the outcome of the ABS review against the Guidelines in October 2005. ASAC's recommendations have been included in the final policy and in this CRIS.

ABS clients

The outcomes from the review of ABS pricing policy were released on the ABS web site on 8 February 2006, in the Discussion Paper ABS Pricing Policy Review Outcomes - Public Consultation (cat. no. 1399.0). The paper provided ABS clients with the opportunity to comment on the proposed application of Government Guidelines to the ABS pricing policy.

In addition to the invitation to respond in the Discussion Paper on the web site, ABS Regional Offices were asked to contact members of their State Statistical Coordination Committees for feedback and ABS Outposted Officers were asked to promote the Paper to their agencies.

Eight responses were received, mainly from other government agencies. The responses, overall, accepted the changes to pricing policy.

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