Where You Can Work
The ABS workplace is changing. We need graduates from a variety of disciplines to help us make this change happen.

We are looking for graduates who:

  • have strong analytical skills and enjoy problem solving
  • have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • work collaboratively and professionally as part of diverse teams
  • are flexible, resilient and cope well with change and pressure
  • have the ability to plan, organise and achieve results

We encourage graduates from all disciplines including but not limited to:
  • Economics/Econometrics/Commerce/Finance
  • Accounting/ Business Management
  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics/Statistics/Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Public relations/ Media/Human Resources
  • Psychology
  • International studies/Law
  • Humanities/Arts

Whilst your academic record is part of how you will be assessed we will also be looking to see if you can show the skills and behaviours we are looking for through examples of your work experience (paid or unpaid), community service and other extra-curricular activities.