The Graduate Development Program

The ABS Graduate Development Program (GDP) provides you with a structured development program to help you quickly build your capability to become effective in the ABS environment. Your program will involve structured formal training and development activities that are designed to:

  • assist you to transition into the ABS and the Australian Public Service
  • improve your communication skills
  • build your understanding of statistical concepts and cycle
  • improve your understanding and gain experience in project management
  • better understand your strengths and preferences in the context of your work
  • develop your strategic thinking skills to effectively contribute to the strategic direction of the ABS

In addition to the Graduate Development Program, you will:
• be provided with training specific to your subject matter area to build your analytical, conceptual and critical thinking capabilites
• undertake work rotations (if you are placed in an area where this is possible)
• be offered access to a variety of networking opportunities

To hear more about the program from our past graduates, take a look at our Graduate Profile page.

Your career path beyond the GDP is through merit based recruitment processes or opportunities to work Higher Duties.

ABS generalist graduates commence at the APS 3 level and advance to the APS 4 level upon successful completion of the Graduate Development program. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) graduates commence at the APS 4 level and advance to the top of this classification upon successful completion of the Graduate Development Program.