Year of Arrival in Australia (YARP, YARRP)

For people born overseas, this variable records the year they first arrived in Australia, with the intention of staying for at least one year.

The non-response rate for Year of Arrival in Australia (YARP) was 4.5% (4.8% in 2006). Where an applicable person has not provided a year of arrival, but has marked the 'Will be in Australia less than one year' mark box, this response is set to not stated. This accounts for less than 1.0% of applicable persons. More information is available from the 2011 Census non-response quality statement.

This question is only applicable to persons who have stated that they were born in a country other than Australia in the preceding question on place of birth (question 12 on the Census Household Form).

Data for this variable is captured automatically from written numeric responses, or the 'Will be in Australia less than one year' mark box. This process is subject to low levels of recognition error. Outlying values are checked manually to ensure that they match the actual response on the form. The data is also subject to normal sample checks to ensure an acceptable level of quality.

Data on Year of Arrival in Australia is also available in ranges Year of Arrival in Australia (ranges) (YARRP).

More information on YARP is available in the 2011 Census Dictionary (cat. no. 2901.0).

Question 13 as it appeared on the 2011 Census Household Form

Image of question 13 from the 2011 Census
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