CACF Count of All Children in Family

Count of Dependent Children Under 15 Temporarily Absent

CDCF Count of Dependent Children in Family

Count of Dependent Students (15-24 years) Temporarily Absent

CNDAF Count of Non-Dependent Children Temporarily Absent
CNDCF Count of Non-Dependent Children in Family
CPAF Count of Persons Temporarily Absent from Family
CPRF Count of Persons in Family
FBLF Family Blending
FIDF Family Income Derivation Indicator
FINASF Total Family Income as Stated (weekly)
FINF Total Family Income (weekly)
FMCF Family Composition
FNOF Family Number
FRLF Relationship Between Families
HCFMF Family Household Composition (Family)
LFSF Labour Force Status of Parents/Partners in Families
SPLF Location of Spouse
SSCF Same Sex Couple Indicator