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Place of enumeration

Place of enumeration

Place of enumeration records the geographic area in which a dwelling (and therefore any persons within the dwelling) were enumerated on Census Night. Place of enumeration is a hierarchical classification, ranging from the broadest geographical level (State/Territory) at the top of the hierarchy to the finest level, Mesh Block (MB), at the lowest. The data is available for various kinds of geographical regions. The categories in this variable have changed to reflect the new Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) used for the 2011 Census.

Place of enumeration is determined using the address reported on the front of the Census Household Form (question 1), and the address as recorded by the Collector in their Collector Record Book.

The address details provided were coded to a MB using a range of automatic and clerical processes. Sample checks were conducted for all processes to ensure a high standard of quality. A further quality check is performed to determine if the place of enumeration that has been derived is within the area in which the dwelling was enumerated.

If the place of enumeration is unable to be determined (or was determined by address coding processes to be outside the area in which the dwelling was enumerated) then it is derived. In 2.0% of cases, the place of enumeration for dwellings was able to be derived from other dwellings enumerated in that area.

Where there was insufficient information to code to or derive a MB, then the Mesh Block value was imputed (along with any other unknown geographic levels in the hierarchy). The imputation is based on records from the same enumeration area with the same or similar dwelling location (DLOD) and dwelling structure (STRD), and is further constrained by any known geographical information about the dwelling.

The imputation rate for Statistical Area Level 1 (SA1) of enumeration was 0.9% of dwellings, and the imputation rate for Statistical Area Level 2 (SA2) of enumeration was 0.1%.

More information on place of enumeration is available in the 2011 Census Dictionary (cat. no. 2901.0).

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