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This page provides 2011 Census fact sheets which are designed to assist in the use and interpretation of Census data.

They provide a summary of conceptual and data issues, and changes that have occurred since the last Census. Most fact sheets focus on either a complex question on the Census form, or a particular output variable. There are also fact sheets that are based around geography or enumeration procedures.

2011 fact sheets
2011 Census coverage – the Post Enumeration Survey (PES)
Ancestry – Serbian
Ancestry – Sri Lankan/Sinhalese/Tamil
Change in processing – Special Short Form
Confidentiality of Census data
Counts of same-sex couples in the 2011 Census
Couple relationships
Differences between the Labour Force Survey and the Census
eCensus take-up rates
Family blending
Grandparent families
Housing tenure data in the Census
Income data in the Census
Internal migration
Measures of Unpaid Work
Mortgage and rent payments
Place of Work
Population measures
Summary of changes to Census variables 2006 to 2011

Fact sheets


Enumeration procedures

2006 fact sheets