e-Survey - Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security Information

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is bound by the Census and Statistics Act 1905 to maintain the confidentiality of the information supplied to us. The information you provide to the ABS via the online form is kept secure through the use of the strongest industry standard encryption technology that your web browser will support, and at no time will identifiable data be released by us.

We have endeavoured to make the online form as secure as possible. Before using the online form it is important to consider the security of your own computer. For information on increasing your safety online, click on the link to protecting your computer To ensure that your information is delivered to us securely, we have used Transport Layer Security/Secure Socket Layer (TLS/SSL) technology with 128-bit encryption. To make use of this technology, you need to ensure that you have a browser that supports TLS/SSL encryption, such as Internet Explorer version 7 or higher; Firefox version 3 or higher; Safari version 4 or higher; or Google Chrome 3 or higher.

Your User/Unit Identifier and Password are the keys to the information you provide via the online form. To ensure the protection of this information from access by a third party, please ensure you keep these numbers confidential.

The ABS web site is accredited and maintained to Commonwealth Government Internet security standards to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of information you provide to the ABS via the form. These standards meet or exceed Australian information security management standards (AS/NZS 4444).