ABS.Stat Beta - Known Issues with the beta release

ABS.Stat Beta: Here are the issues we know about and are aiming to resolve before the final release.
Here are the issues we know about (as at 2 May 2014) which we are working to resolve.
  • The "Find in Themes" search does not advise you if there are no search results, so it looks as though a search has not been performed. You may wish to use the drop-down menu to search for themes.

  • The date and time stamp is currently GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) but we are investigating whether we can change this to AEST.

  • ABS.Stat currently times out after 20 minutes of inactivity. You will need to refresh your browser, however you will then lose any selections and layout changes you have made. We are currently looking at extending the time period before a time out occurs.

  • When using the search option and selecting an entry in the search, the metadata information panel (right hand side tab) does not update to the current selection.

  • ABS.Stat does not display release information.

  • Metadata print window does not display lower-level metadata.

  • Search for multiple words usually returns a "null" find. ABS.Stat requires the use of quotations surrounding the phrase (e.g. "Exports of Goods") to work correctly.

  • Combine Queries does not work for certain combinations of tables/datasets. Furthermore, errors also occur when exporting certain combinations of combined tables to Excel. This issue has been raised with OECD and they are investigating.

  • RestSDMX - the URL's generated by the user interface always have start time and end time given in years. In cases where start and end time is the same year and data is not annual (i.e. monthly or quarterly), the query will return an empty response. Also, errors have been observed whenever a user attempts to get all data using 'all' as the keyword. In the meantime, users can list all dimensions (in lieu of using 'all') as a workaround.

  • Large column labels do not wrap, making it hard to to read compressed descriptions.

Product Limitations
  • There is no facility to save queries. We do have a save query option planned however we can not implement this yet due to current technical limitations.

  • Does not include Australian financial year data or any quarterly data with reference periods other than the standard March, June, September and December quarters, for example, detailed quarterly Labour Force data which are issued in February, May, August and November. Future versions of ABS.Stat will include financial year and all quarterly datasets.

  • As we do not load new datasets or update dataset series immediately following the 11:30am release, data may not necessarily be the most up to date. You should check the ABS website (www.abs.gov.au) for the latest data and we will continue to load new datasets and update dataset series, as soon as possible after the embargo (11.30 am.) is lifted on the day the data is released.

  • Time Series IDs are not yet available within the product. These will be included in a future release of ABS.Stat.

  • The Draw Chart function will not work if your selection has more than 10,000 cells.

  • The Draw Chart function requires Adobe Flash, and will not work natively on devices or browsers which do not support Flash.

  • The Mapping function is currently not operational in ABS.Stat. This functionality will be added in the future as datasets in ABS.Stat are updated with the necessary location dimensions.

  • It is not possible to print data directly from the browser in ABS.Stat. Printing is available by exporting.