ABS.Stat Beta: What is ABS.Stat Beta?ABS.Stat Beta Tutorials

To help you get started with ABS.Stat we have produced a series of short tutorials. You will need Flash Player/Quick Time Player to view the tutorials.

1. Welcome to ABS.Stat
Introducing ABS.Stat: what is it, why has it been developed, and what are the benefits and uses of this product?
Duration: 01:39
File size: 1.12MB

2. A tour of the ABS.Stat Browser Interface
A quick tour around the ABS.Stat browser to see what functions are available.
Duration: 03:44
File size: 4.02MB

3. About ABS.Stat Metadata
An explaination of what metadata is, and what levels you will find it in ABS.Stat.
Duration: 03:29
File size: 4.97MB

4. Accessing and Locating Data
All about searching and browsing themes, tables and predefined tables.
Note: Video 5 - building customised tables will define and explain dimension and dimension members to you in further detail.
Duration: 03:21
File size: 4.31MB

5. Building Customised Tables
How to construct your own customised tables by selecting dimensions, layout and custom options.
Duration: 02:34
File size: 2.43MB

6. Building Customised Tables: Selecting Dimensions
Continuation of 5. Building Customised Tables: Explains selecting and de-selecting various dimension members.
Duration: 09:51
File size: 7.50MB

7. Other functions in selecting dimensions
Information on dimension member colour coding and searching dimensions. Demonstration of quick access to customised dimensions.
Duration: 03:33
File size: 3.89MB

8. Layout
Learn how to customise the layout of your table.
Duration: 03:19
File size: 4.20MB

9. Customise Table Options
How to modify characteristics of datasets to make your table more useable.
Duration: 02:07
File size: 2.42MB

10. Exporting Information
How to export your table to an Excel, CSV, or SDMX file.
Duration: 02:45
File size: 5.37MB

11. My Queries
How to combine two or more different queries.
Duration: 01:55
File size: 2.23MB