What's new? All Basic CURFs are now available in MicrodataDownload.
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MicrodataDownload is a new, convenient way to access basic Confidentialised Unit Record Files (CURFs). All basic CURFs are available for use by Australian organisations who are registered subscribers. MicrodataDownload allows users to securely download basic CURFs in a choice of file formats, with most available in SAS, SPSS, Stata and CSV.


  1. Only Australian organisations may apply for MicrodataDownload. International organisations may request access to specific basic CURFs, which will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Organisations must have a valid Responsible Officer Undertaking in place.
  3. Users must be registered and joined to their organisation through the Registration Centre.
  4. Contact Officers must comply with the requirements for managing Basic CURF distribution within their organisation.
  5. Users must comply with the conditions agreed to by their Responsible Officer and understand their obligations as a microdata user, detailed in the Responsible Use of ABS Microdata Guide. This includes:
    • using your own log in credentials to access microdata systems and not sharing your credentials with any other user
    • securely storing microdata from basic CURFs
    • not sharing microdata with unauthorised people
    • not attempting to match the unit record data with any other list, database or repository of persons or organisations
    • complying with the copyright terms for microdata.


To subscribe to MicrodataDownload, see How to apply and Prices. If you already have a Registration Centre account you can log in to view the list of products your organisation has subscribed to.

If your organisation has previously purchased individual basic CURFs on CD-ROM, your organisation's Contact Officer can provide you with access to the data. Log into Registration Centre for a list of your organisation's Contact Officers. When using basic CURFs provided on CD-ROM or via MicrodataDownload, you and your organisation must still comply with the requirements listed above.


Basic CURF microdata are available on a wide range of topics such as health, education, labour force, migrants, crime, disability, ageing and carers. Available microdata contains information on which products are available as well as links to supporting materials such as data item lists. Compare access options to see how basic CURF microdata files compare to other types of data and access.