The ABS develops standard statistical geographies and frameworks, and a range of other geospatial tools and products. These are used by the ABS and a wide range of other organisations and individuals to collect, release, understand and analyse geospatially enabled data.

The ABS encourages the use of its geospatial products to improve the comparability and usefulness of statistics and other data, and to facilitate the use of these data for informed decision making.

What's new in Statistical Geography
Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) Volume 1 – Main Structure and Greater Capital City Statistical Areas (cat. no. 1270.0.55.001)
    • Stability and Change in the ASGS - This chapter highlights the stability of the main structure of the ASGS between 2011 and 2016. It also gives some information on how and why boundary changes have occurred in some areas.

Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) Volume 2 - Indigenous Structure (cat no. 1270.0.55.002).

Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) Volume 3 - Non ABS Structures (cat no. 1270.0.55.003).

Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) Volume 4 - Significant Urban Areas, Urban Centres and Localities, Section of State (cat no. 1270.0.55.004).

Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) Volume 5 – Remoteness Structure (cat no. 1270.0.55.005).

ABS Geospatial Web Services User Guide (cat. no. 1470.0).

Online mapping tool to view and compare the ASGS regions, ABS Maps

The ABS has developed the Statistical Spatial Framework (SSF) to enable users and producers of data to better integrate statistical and geospatial information.

A new Australian Population Grid that models population distribution and density using rebased Estimated Residential Population (ERP) totals for June 2016, has been published as part of Regional Population Growth, Australia, 2016 (cat no. 3218.0).

Historical ASGC and ASGS boundaries from 1981 to 2016 are now available on

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ASGS Volume 3: Non ABS Structures Update – July 2018


Remoteness Structure

Digital Boundaries for GIS

Definition of Urban and Rural

Converting data to the ASGS

Definition of Metropolitan and non-Metropolitan