The 2011-13 Australian Health Survey (AHS) represents a significant investment in health information. It is important that the benefits of this information be realised by a wide range of stakeholders.

The survey will result in the production of large and complex data sets that will be widely drawn on by the public, media, researchers and policy makers. Given the size and complexity of the AHS, an output strategy is an important tool which will assist the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in directing its resources effectively to deliver a range of information products. Further, it will provide stakeholders with an opportunity to anticipate the types of products which will be released and to influence how they might be shaped to meet their needs.

Since late 2009, ABS has conducted extensive consultation in regard to the AHS. While early consultations focussed on survey objectives and design, ABS also received a large amount of feedback in regard to previous survey outputs and user expectations for a more comprehensive approach for the 2011-13 AHS. From 2010, ABS began to seek and assimilate stakeholder views, initially through seminars and bilateral consultations conducted across all states and territories.

This paper is designed to outline the ABS’ proposed output strategy for the AHS and to seek further comment and suggestions for improvements to those plans. This is a high level document that sets the directions and options available, evolving in response to ongoing stakeholder feedback. Future documents will create a greater level of detail around these outputs and guide the specific processes needed to deliver them.

Comments and specific enquiries regarding the Output Strategy should be forwarded to health@abs.gov.au with the document title 'Australian Health Survey - Output Strategy'.

Overview of the Australian Health Survey
Consultation - Identifying stakeholders' needs
The Output Strategy - Overview
The Output Strategy - Information users
The Output Strategy - Information products
The Output Strategy - Information channels
The Output Strategy - Work program and timetable

Appendix 1 - ABS values relating to the AHS Output Strategy
Appendix 2 - Example descriptions of products