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Thursday 13 December 2018
1504.0Methodological News, December 2018
Methodological News is a quarterly information bulletin from the Methodology Division. The newsletter features articles and developments in relation to work done with the division.
5232.0Australian National Accounts: Finance and Wealth, September 2018
Contains quarterly data for: national, sectoral and subsectoral financial accounts (flows) and balance sheets by financial instruments and counterparties; national, sectoral and subsectoral capital accounts; financial instrument market tables by sectors and subsectors issuing/accepting/borrowing by counterparties; demand for credit and credit outstanding by non-financial domestic sectors and subsectors; household balance sheet and associated analytical measures of income, consumption, saving and wealth; and household housing loans outstanding by lending institution. All estimates are in current prices, and the capital accounts are presented in original, seasonal adjusted and trend terms.

Following ongoing quality assurance work a number of data quality issues have been identified with Table 52. Nominal Value of Short Term Loans and Placements Market ($ million) and Table 53. Nominal Value of Long Term Loans and Placements Market ($ million). This table will be unavailable until further notice. However, Table 45. The Short Term Loans and Placements Market ($ million) and Table 46. The Long Term Loans and Placements Market ($ million) are quality assured.
6202.0.55.003Labour Force, Australia - Rebenchmarked Estimates, October 2018
Summary results following the process of rebencmarking the Labour Force Survey data to the final 2016 Census based Estimated Resident Population for the period July 2011 to October 2018. Spreadsheets include estimates of employed and unemployed persons classified by sex, full-time/part-time status, states and territories and persons not in the labour force.

Friday 14 December 2018
No scheduled releases today.

Monday 17 December 2018
3401.0Overseas Arrivals and Departures, Australia, October 2018
The monthly Overseas Arrivals and Departures (OAD) publication contains statistics on the travel movements of persons arriving in, and departing from, Australia. The focus of this publication is to provide information and analysis of short-term movements (i.e. less than one year), in particular short-term visitor arrivals (STVA) and short-term resident returns (STRR). Statistics on permanent and long-term movements (i.e. one year or more) are also available, however, permanent and long-term movements in this publication are not an appropriate source for migration statistics. For information on Net Overseas Migration (NOM) refer to Migration, Australia (cat. no. 3412.0) and for quarterly NOM data Australian Demographic Statistics (cat. no. 3101.0).

Tuesday 18 December 2018
4343.0.55.001Coordination of Health Care Study: Use of Health Services and Medicines, Australia, 2015-16
First IssueContains data on people aged 45 years and over who saw a general practitioner in the last 12 months, their use of Medicare Benefits Schedule health services and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme medicines, as well as their experiences with health care professionals and the health care system.

Wednesday 19 December 2018
3415.0Migrant Data Matrices, 2018
This release provides users with links to summary data on migrants from a wide range of ABS outputs, presented in a series of matrices.

Where available, this will include a broad selection of demographic, geographic, socio-economic and collection specific data items of interest. The statistical coverage includes topics such as Population Characteristics, Labour (Employment), Family and Community, Health, Education and Training, Housing, Personal and Household Finances, Culture and Leisure and Crime and Justice.

The Migrant Data Matrices data cube shows which migrant related data items are available for each selected ABS product, and links to their Main Features and to detailed information on the source collection. A Glossary of migrant related terms is also included for reference.
4533.0Directory of Family, Domestic, and Sexual Violence Statistics, 2018
First IssueProvides an online central reference point for sources of data relating to family, domestic, and sexual violence at both the national and state/territory levels. Directory entries provide summary metadata details about each dataset, including definitions, data items collected, collection methodology, scope and coverage, as well as the contact details of the source agency and references to any publicly available publications, data tables, and reports.

Thursday 20 December 2018
1364.0.15.003Modellers' Database, September Qtr 2018
The Modellers' Database consists of 119 quarterly time series constructed from the National Income Forecasting model. Some of the time series are published elsewhere by ABS while others are specifically constructed for the National Income Forecasting model.
3101.0Australian Demographic Statistics, June 2018
Quarterly estimates of total resident population for states, territories and Australia. Includes estimates of the population by sex in five-year age groups; numbers (and some rates) of births, deaths, infant deaths, interstate and overseas movements; quarterly and/or annual time series spreadsheets; projected resident population for states, territories and Australia; and projected number of households for capital cities, states territories and Australia.

Periodically, articles focusing on specific demographic topics will be released as part of this publication.
6202.0Labour Force, Australia, November 2018
Summary results of the monthly Labour Force Survey containing estimates of employed and unemployed persons classified by sex, full-time / part-time status, states and territories and some age groups; and by persons not in the labour force.