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Estimates of Personal Income 2004-2008

Data Items
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Data Items

Average Wage and salary income ($)
Average Own unincorporated business income ($)
Average Investment income ($)
Average Superannuation and annuity income ($)
Average Other income (excluding Government pensions and allowances) ($)

Total income (excluding Government pensions and allowances) ($m)

Wage and salary earners (no.)
Wage and salary income ($m)

Own unincorporated business earners (no.)
Own unincorporated business income ($m)

Investment earners (no.)
Investment income ($m)

Superannuation and annuity earners (no.)
Superannuation and annuity income ($m)

Other income earners (excluding Government pensions and allowances (no.)
Other income earners (excluding Government pensions and allowances) ($m)

See Explanatory Notes paragraphs 34-44 for further information.
See Glossary for terms.

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Availability by Year

2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

Find the most recent data in 'Estimates of Personal Income for Small Areas, Time Series', (ABS cat. no. 6524.0.55.002).
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Availability by Region

Local Government Areas, Statistical Local Areas, Statistical Subdivisions, Statistical Divisions, States/Territories, Australia.
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All Estimates of Personal Income data items are available (under the 'Economy' topic heading) in Excel spreadsheets and in the data cubes. Average income and total income are available in web pages (under the 'Economy' topic heading).

Web pages and an Excel spreadsheet
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