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Census Data?
Consumer Price Index (CPI) data?
Historical data?
Indigenous data?

To assist you in searching information on the ABS web site, the ABS has customised access to Google's search engine.

The ABS has chosen Google to search its web site because:
      a) it is a leader in the web site search industry

      b) relevant search results are returned

      c) the licensing agreement allows use of the search engine without displaying sponsored links / advertising materials.
You can find out more about using Google Search from the Google Help Centre

Other search engines, such as
MSN or Yahoo can also be used to search the ABS web site. A listing of other more commonly used engines can be found in the Google Search Engine Directory. You can search the ABS by going to the selected search engine site and entering your search term followed by '' (no spaces) in the search box as shown in the example below. Your search results will be limited to pages found on the ABS web site.

The ABS takes no responsibility for the results returned or not returned by these search engines. This includes, but is not limited to, accuracy and completeness of, or any advertising materials associated with, search results.