Feature Articles by Catalogue Number

56. Finance

5609.0Housing Finance - Changes in Content and Concepts in this issue (Feature Article), Mar 2004
5609.0Housing Finance Wholesale Lending Reporting Changes (Oct, 2000) (Feature Article), 2000
5609.0Introduction of Concurrent Seasonal Adjustment (Feature Article), Sep 2003
5609.0Recent trends in construction and first home buyer finance, March 2002 (Feature Article), 2002
5611.0Australia's international banking statistics (Feature Article), 1999
5611.0Business and communication services and the finance industry in Australia (Feature Article), 1999-00
5611.0Equity capital raisings on the Australian Stock Exchange (Feature Article), 1999-00
5611.0Information Technology and Telecommunications in Australia (Feature Article), 1999-00
5611.0Institutional Arrangements and Policy (Feature Article), 1999
5611.0Measuring Australia's Foreign Exchange Exposure (Feature Article), 2000-01
5611.0Venture Capital, 1999-2000 (Feature Article), 2000-01
5625.0Experimental Projected Capital Expenditure Series (Feature Article), Jun 2004
5625.0Mining Capital Expenditure in Australia (Feature Article), Sep 2010
5625.0Mining Investment in ABS Publications (Feature Article), March 2012
5625.0Modelling for scope exclusions in Private New Capital Expenditure (Feature Article), Jun 2016
5625.0The Application of Realisation Ratios to the Survey of New Capital Expenditure (Feature Article), Sep 2009
5625.0The GFC Investment Tax Credit (Feature Article), Mar 2017
5655.0Investment Managers (Feature Article), Pre 2002
5655.0Venture Capital Survey (Feature Article), Dec 2000
5676.0Business Indicators Survey - Profit Measures (Feature Article), Sep 2012