Feature Articles by Catalogue Number

46. Environment

4609.0.55.003Accounting for land changes in the Great Barrier Reef (Feature Article), 2011 - 2016
4609.4.55.001Consistent grids of land value (Feature article), 2006 - 2011
4609.4.55.001Suburban Landuse Change Adelaide (Feature Article), 2006 - 2011
4610.0Australian Government Water Accounting (Feature Article), 2009-10
4610.0Experimental estimates of household water consumption from rainwater tanks in Australia (Feature Article), 2011–12
4610.0Experimental estimates of soil water use in Australia (Feature Article), 2011–12
4613.0Feature Article: Climate Change in Australia (Feature Article), Jan 2010
4632.0.55.001Biodiversity (Feature Article), 2015-16
4632.0.55.001Burnett Mary NRM region (Feature Article), 2015-16
4632.0.55.001South Australian Murray-Darling Basin NRM region (Feature Article), 2015-16
4655.0Experimental estimates of the value of water resource stocks, Australia (Feature Article), 2016
4655.0Linking greenhouse gas emissions with economic production and consumption (Feature Article), 2014
4655.0Towards an Environmental Expenditure Account (Feature Article), 2015
4680.0Fitzroy NRM Region (Feature Article), 2017