Feature Articles by Catalogue Number

41. Social statistics - general

4125.0Living with a Disability (Feature Article), August 2014
4125.0Providing Primary Care to a Person with a Disability (Feature Article), Feb 2015
4130.0First home buyers in Australia (Feature Article), 2009-10
4130.0First home buyers in Australia (Feature Article), 2007-08
4130.0.55.001First home buyers in Australia (Feature Article), 2005-06
4156.0.55.001Football: Four games, one name (Feature Article), May 2009
4156.0.55.001Health and Fitness Centres and Gymnasia (Feature Article), May 2009
4156.0.55.001Involvement in Organised Sport as a Coach, Instructor, Referee or Umpire (Feature Article), Oct 2008
4156.0.55.001Sports and Physical Recreation Volunteers (Feature Article), Oct 2008
4156.0.55.001What motivates Australians to participate in sport? (Feature Article), Oct 2008
4156.0.55.001Women in Sport (Feature Article), May 2009
4172.0Archives Fact Sheet (Feature Article), 2008 (Second Edition)
4172.0Art Galleries fact sheet (Feature Article), 2008 (First Edition)
4172.0Children's Participation in Playing a Musical Instrument (Feature Article), 2010
4172.0Children's Participation in Selected Organised Cultural Activities Outside of School Hours Over Time (Feature Article), 2008 (Second Edition)
4172.0Cultural attendance by persons with a disability (Feature Article), 2008 (First Edition)
4172.0Cultural Encounters - Australia's Arts and Heritage Volunteers (Feature Article), 2008 (First Edition)
4172.0Dancing - 2010 (Feature Article), 2010
4172.0How much time do we spend on cultural activities? (Feature Article), 2008 (Second Edition)
4172.0Libraries fact sheet (Feature Article), 2008 (First Edition)
4172.0Migrant Attendance and Participation in Cultural and Sporting Activities, by Proficiency in Spoken English (Feature Article), 2008 (Second Edition)
4172.0Museums - Fact Sheet - 2010 (Feature Article), 2010
4172.0Museums fact sheet (Feature Article), 2008 (First Edition)
4172.0Music Attendance in Australia (Feature Article), 2009
4172.0Singing - 2010 (Feature Article), 2010
4172.0.55.001Cultural Attendance by People With a Disability (Feature Article), August 2012