Microdata by Topic


Microdata: Australian Census and Migrants Integrated Dataset, 2016 (cat no. 3417.0.55.001)
Microdata: Australian Census Longitudinal Dataset, 2011-2016 (cat no. 2080.0)
Microdata: Characteristics of Recent Migrants, Australia, November 2016 (cat no. 6250.0.25.002)
Microdata: Longitudinal Labour Force, Australia, 2008-10 (cat no. 6602.0)
Microdata: Personal Income of Migrants, Australia, 2009-10 and 2010-11 (cat no. 3418.0.55.001)
Technical Manual: Characteristics of Recent Migrants, Expanded CURF, Australia, Nov 2010 (cat no. 6250.0.55.001)