4902.0 - Australian Culture and Leisure Classifications, 2001  
Previous ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 28/08/2001   
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Correspondence with ANZSIC - in ACLC order


111Art museums9220pMuseums
112Other museums9220pMuseums
9330pOther recreation services
113Antiques and collectables retailing and restoration5252pAntique and used goods retailing
121Nature parks and reserves9239pRecreational parks and gardens
122Zoological parks and aquaria9231pZoological and botanic gardens
123Botanic gardens9231pZoological and botanic gardens
211Primary literary creation9242pCreative arts
212Newspaper publishing and printing2421Newspaper printing or publishing
213Periodical publishing2422Other periodical publishing
214Book publishing2423pBook and other publishing
216Literature wholesaling4794Book and magazine wholesaling
217Literature retailing5243pNewspaper, book and stationery retailing
5252pAntique and used goods retailing
221Music performance9241pMusic and theatre productions
222Drama9241pMusic and theatre productions
223Dance9241pMusic and theatre productions
224Music theatre and opera9241pMusic and theatre productions
225Other performing arts9241pMusic and theatre productions
9330pOther recreation services
226Performing arts venues9252Performing arts venues
231Music composition9242pCreative arts
232Music publishing2423pBooks and other publishing
7730pNon-financial asset investors
233Record companies and distributors2430pRecorded media manufacturing and publishing
4799pWholesaling n.e.c.
234Recorded music retailing5235Recorded music retailing
5252pAntique and used goods retailing
241Primary visual arts and crafts creation9242pCreative arts
242Commercial photography services9523Photographic studios
243Visual arts and crafts retailing5259pRetailing n.e.c.
251Architecture services7821pArchitectural services
252Advertising design and production7851pAdvertising services
253Graphic design7852Commercial art and display services
254Other design7869pBusiness services n.e.c.
261Radio services9121Radio services
9242pCreative arts
262Television services9122Television services
263Film and video production9111Film and video production
264Film and video distribution9112Film and video distribution
265Motion picture exhibition9113Motion picture exhibition
266Video hire services9511Video hire outlets
267Interactive content creation7834pComputer consultancy services
268Electronic information services7120pTelecommunication services
271Musical instrument retailing5259pRetailing n.e.c.
272Arts education8440pOther education
273Copyright collection agencies7869pBusiness services n.e.c.
274Recorded media manufacturing2430pRecorded media manufacturing and publishing
279Arts n.e.c.9251Sound recording studios
9259pServices to the arts n.e.c.
311Horse and dog racing9311Horse and dog racing
9319pSports and services to sport n.e.c.
321Health and fitness centres and gymnasia9312pSports grounds and facilities n.e.c.
322Other sports and physical recreation venues, grounds and facilities9239pRecreational parks and gardens
9312pSports grounds and facilities n.e.c.
331Sports and physical recreation administrative organisations9319pSports and services to sports n.e.c.
332Sports and physical recreation clubs, teams and sports professionals9319pSports and services to sports n.e.c.
333Outdoor recreation guiding operations6302pCoastal water transport
6303pInland water transport
9330pOther recreation services
334Sports and physical recreation support services0152pHorse farming
9319pSports and services to sports n.e.c.
341Sports and physical recreation goods manufacturing2822pBoatbuilding
2942pToy and sporting good manufacturing
342Sports and physical recreation goods wholesaling4722pClothing wholesaling
4723pFootwear wholesaling
4793pToy and sporting good wholesaling
343Sports and physical recreation goods retailing5221pClothing retailing
5222pFootwear retailing
5241Sport and camping equipment retailing
5245pMarine equipment retailing
419Other gambling services9321Lotteries
9329Gambling services n.e.c.
421Amusement and theme parks9330pOther recreation services
422Amusement arcades and centres and other amusement operations9330pOther recreation services
431Pubs, taverns and bars5720Pubs, taverns and bars
432Cafes and restaurants5730pCafes and restaurants
433Hospitality clubs5740Clubs (hospitality)
441Caravan and camping grounds5710pAccommodation
442Scenic and sightseeing tours6121pLong distance bus transport
6302pCoastal water transport
6303pInland water transport
6403pNon-scheduled air and space transport
6509pTransport n.e.c.
9330pOther recreation services
451Interest clubs and groups9330pOther recreation services
9629pInterest groups n.e.c.
452Religious organisations9610Religious organisations
461Booking and ticketing agencies9259pServices to the arts n.e.c.
9319pSports and services to sports n.e.c.
462Agent and manager services7869pBusiness services n.e.c.
9259pServices to the arts n.e.c.
463Event management7869pBusiness services n.e.c.
464Culture/leisure business, professional and labour associations9621pBusiness and professional associations
9622pLabour associations
469Other culture and leisure services n.e.c.*
471Culture and leisure facilities construction4113pNon-residential building construction
4122pNon-building construction n.e.c.
481Other culture and leisure goods manufacturing n.e.c.2849pElectronic equipment manufacturing n.e.c.
2942pToy and sporting good manufacturing
482Other culture and leisure goods wholesaling n.e.c.4793pToy and sporting good wholesaling
483Other culture and leisure goods retailing n.e.c.5242Toy and game retailing
5313pTrailer and caravan dealing

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