1376.0 - Local Government and ABS, Sep 2011  
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Image: Recent and Future ABS Releases RECENT AND FUTURE ABS RELEASES


Land Account: Great Barrier Reef Region, Experimental Estimates
Estimates of Personal Income for Small Areas
Wage and Salary Earner Statistics for Small Areas
Motor Vehicle Census
Population by Age and Sex
Building Approvals


Tourist Accommodation
National Regional Profile



Land Account: Great Barrier Reef Region, Experimental Estimates, 2011 (cat. no. 4609.0.55.001), was released on 28 February 2011 and provides integrated social, economic and environment data with spatial location information. Information for the geographic areas released range from small city blocks to sparse agricultural areas, remote communities and Natural Resource Management regions. In this format, the information could be viewed at the community level or brought together for those users wishing to look at larger spatial areas. The release did not require any new statistical collections to be conducted. It was compiled from existing data sources available from Commonwealth and State Government Agencies demonstrating what can be achieved through information sharing – the concept of “create once, use many times”.

The collaboration between agencies in providing information for this release demonstrates the value of the National Statistical Service in building a rich statistical picture for a better informed Australia.

A Google Earth® interface presents a fly over view of the Great Barrier Reef catchment regions, which are divided up into 3,005 small statistical areas. Data windows present more than 70 attributes for each of these small land areas, across the themes:

    • Boundary information
    • Population and business counts
    • Rateable value and land use
    • Dynamic land cover
    • Fire, temperature and rainfall

The ESRI® Geodatabase and Mapinfo® versions can be downloaded from the ABS website and used as a socio-economic layer in a Geographical Information System (GIS).

The release is the result of collaborative work from a number of government departments to provide, in the one product, a range of available information on land use, land value and land cover. It is hoped this data set will inform debate on a wide range of issues including population settlement, measuring the health of the environment, the sustainable production of goods and services and natural disaster management.

Data are available at NRM and SA1 regional levels. For a sample of the output at the SA1 level, go to the Downloads tab in the release using the link above.ESTIMATES OF PERSONAL INCOME FOR SMALL AREAS

Estimates of Personal Income for Small Areas, Time Series, 2003-04 to 2008-09 (cat. no. 6524.0.55.002) was released on 28 July 2011. This publication contains estimates of the sources and amount of personal income people received for the years 2003-04 to 2008-09. Compiled using aggregated individual income tax data from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), this release provides data on the number of individuals and the amount of income received from Wages and salaries, Own unincorporated business, Investment, Superannuation and annuities, Other income (excluding government pensions and allowances) and Total income (excluding government pensions and allowances). Data are available for various geographical levels including local government areas and statistical local areas.

See the feature article from this newsletter, 'Estimates of Personal Income: Local Government Areas' for an analysis of local government area data from this publication.

More detailed data on the characteristics of Wage and salary earners was released on 12 August (see next section).


Wage and Salary Earner Statistics for Small Areas, Time Series, 2003-04 to 2008-09 (cat. no. 5673.0.55.003), released on 12 August 2011, contains data on selected characteristics of Wage and salary earners such as age, sex, occupation and Wage and salary income for the years 2003-04 to 2008-09. Data are complied using aggregated individual income tax data from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Data are available at a range of geographies, including local government areas and statistical local areas under the Downloads tab.


Released on 28 July 2011, Motor Vehicle Census, Australia, 31 January 2011 (cat. no. 9309.0) presents statistics relating to vehicles registered as at 31 January 2011 with a motor vehicle registration authority. Motor vehicle registration statistics are compiled from data made available by various state and territory motor vehicle registration authorities and reflects the information as recorded in registration documents. Statistics are provided on vehicle types comprising passenger vehicles, campervans, light commercial vehicles, trucks, buses and motor cycles. Vehicle characteristic information includes make of vehicle, year of manufacture, type of fuel that the vehicle was registered as using, and Gross Vehicle Mass or Gross Combination Mass for trucks. The size of the motor vehicle fleet is also compared with the estimated resident population. Selected data are available by Postcode of the vehicle owner.POPULATION BY AGE AND SEX, REGIONS OF AUSTRALIA

Population by Age and Sex, Regions of Australia, 2010 (cat. no. 3235.0), released on 4 August 2011, contains the final estimates of the resident population by age (in five year age groups up to 85 and over) and sex as at 30 June 2005 and preliminary estimates as at 30 June 2010. Data is available at a range of geographies, including statistical local areas and local government areas.


Building Approvals, Australia, July 2011 (cat. no. 8731.0) was released on 30 August 2011. Released on a monthly basis, the data includes:
    • the number and value of dwelling units approved by type of building, sector (public/private) and type of work (new/alterations and additions/conversions);
    • the number and value of non-residential building jobs approved by type of building, sector and type of work.
Small area data cubes were released on 13 September 2011 and selected data is available at these levels. These data are available from the "Downloads" tab on the ABS website.

This is the first issue of Building Approvals, Australia (cat. no. 8731.0) with data under the new geographic classification, the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS). Under the ASGS Building Approvals data is published at the Australia, State/Territory, Greater Capital City Statistical Area and Statistical Area Level 2 (SA2) levels. Building Approval statistics will continue to be available under the Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC), including statistical local areas (SLAs), for each of the monthly releases in 2011/12. Building Approval data will no longer be available on an ASGC basis from the July 2012 issue. From the July 2012 issue local government area data will also be made available on the ABS website.FUTURE RELEASES


Tourist Accommodation, Small Area Data, Australia, June 2011 (cat. no. 8635.0.55.002), to be released on 7 October 2011, will contain the results from the on-going quarterly Survey of Tourist Accommodation. This release provides information on the supply of, and demand for, tourist accommodation facilities. Data will include the number of establishments, capacity and employment for the quarter and occupancy and takings from accommodation for each month; by type of establishment and by star grading. Information is presented for each state/territory and Australia and by Tourism Regions as defined by the respective state/territory tourism commissions. Small area data is available for states and territories in catalogue numbers 8635.1.55.001 through to 8635.8.55.001. Data will be available for statistical local areas, local government areas and tourism regions. The publication 9503.0.55.001 contains maps defining the tourism regions.


Births, Australia, 2010 (cat. no. 3301.0) is scheduled for release on 25 October 2011. This publication will present data on live births and fertility. Number of births and fertility rates will be available for local government areas, statistical local areas, and statistical divisions. The current issue can be found in Births, Australia, 2009 (cat. no. 3301.0) NATIONAL REGIONAL PROFILE

National Regional Profile, 2006 to 2010 (cat. no. 1379.0.55.001) is scheduled for release on 4 November 2011. The National Regional Profile (NRP) presents a range of data from the ABS and other sources, for various types of regions including local government areas and statistical local areas right up to state/territory and Australia. The NRP has the option of using a Google map or a list to locate areas of interest.

The NRP is intended for users interested in the characteristics of regions and in comparing regions across Australia. Data is presented as a five year time series, where available.

To access the latest currently available edition of the NRP, simply select the National Regional Profile link on the left hand side of the ABS website Home Page.


Deaths, Australia, 2010 (cat. no. 3302.0), to be released on 10 November 2011, will contain a range of statistics on death and mortality for 2010. Number of deaths and indirect standardised death rates will be available for local government areas and statistical local areas.

The current issue can be found in Deaths, Australia, 2009 (cat. no. 3302.0).