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1254.0.55.001 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Product Classification (ANZSPC), 2001  
Latest ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 14/06/2001  Ceased
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Contents >> Chapter 3: The detailed classification >> Section 0: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Products >> Division 01: Products of Agriculture, Horticulture and Market Gardening




011101110Wheat and meslin
01110.10Wheat for grain
01110.90Other wheat and meslin
011201120Maize (corn)
01120.10Maize (corn), excluding popcorn
011301130Rice, not husked
01130.00Rice, not husked
011401140Rice, husked but not further prepared
01140.00Rice, husked but not further prepared
011501150Barley for grain
01150.00Barley for grain
011601160Cereal rye, oats for grain
01160.10Cereal rye for grain
01160.20Oats for grain
011901190Other cereals
01190.10Buckwheat for grain
01190.20Grain sorghum
01190.30Millet and panicum for grain
01190.40Triticale for grain
01190.91Other cereal for grain
01190.99Other cereals (excluding for grain)


012101210 Potatoes
01210.00 Potatoes
012201220 Dried leguminous vegetables, shelled
01220.00 Dried leguminous vegetables, shelled
012301230 Other vegetables, including herbs, fresh or chilled
01230.01 Alliaceous vegetables
01230.01.10 Garlic
01230.01.20 Garlic chives
01230.01.20.10 Flowering garlic chives
01230.01.20.90 Other garlic chives
01230.01.30 Leeks
01230.01.40 Onions, white and brown
01230.01.50 Shallots
01230.01.60 Spring onion
01230.01.90 Other Alliaceous vegetables
01230.02 Artichokes
01230.02.10 Jerusalem artichokes
01230.02.90 Other artichokes
01230.03 Asparagus
01230.04 Basil
01230.04.10 Asian basil
01230.04.20 Basil (excluding Asian basil)
01230.05 Beans (excluding field beans for grain or seed)
01230.05.10 Broad beans
01230.05.20 French and runner beans
01230.05.30 Snakebean (long bean)
01230.05.40 Winged bean
01230.05.90 Other beans, fresh or chilled
01230.06 Beetroot
01230.07 Bitter melon / bitter gourd
01230.08 Bitter melon leaves
01230.09 Brassicas
01230.09.05 Broccoli (excluding Chinese broccoli)
01230.09.10 Brussels sprouts
01230.09.15 Cabbages (excluding Chinese cabbage and Chinese flowering cabbage)
01230.09.20 Cauliflower
01230.09.25 Chinese broccoli
01230.09.30 Chinese cabbage (excluding Chinese flowering cabbage)
01230.09.35 Chinese chard (bok choy)
01230.09.35.10 Baby Chinese chard
01230.09.35.20 Shanghai Chinese chard
01230.09.40 Chinese flowering cabbage
01230.09.40.10 Baby Chinese flowering cabbage
01230.09.40.20 White Chinese flowering cabbage
01230.09.45 Mustard green (mustard cabbage)
01230.09.90 Other Brassicas
01230.10 Camomile (chamomile)
01230.11 Cang cua
01230.12 Capsicums, chillies and peppers
01230.12.10 Capsicums and peppers
01230.12.20 Chillies
01230.13 Carrots
01230.14 Celery
01230.15 Chilli leaves
01230.16 Chinese boxthorn
01230.17 Chinese celery
01230.18 Chokos
01230.19 Coriander
01230.19.10 Long coriander
01230.19.20 Coriander (excluding long coriander)
01230.20 Curry leaves
01230.21 Drumstick
01230.22 Eggplant
01230.22.10 Thai eggplant
01230.22.20 Eggplant (excluding Thai eggplant)
01230.23 Fennel (sweet)
01230.24 Foo yip
01230.25 Garland chrysanthemum
01230.26 Ginger
01230.27 Guava bean
01230.28 Hairy melon
01230.29 Horse radish
01230.30 Jicama
01230.31 Jute/Jew mallow
01230.32 Kinh gioi
01230.33 La lot
01230.34 Lemon grass
01230.35 Lentils
01230.36 Lettuce
01230.36.10 Celtuce
01230.36.20 Vietnamese lettuce
01230.36.90 Other lettuce
01230.37 Lizard's tail
01230.38 Lotus root, fresh
01230.39 Luffa
01230.40 Marjoram
01230.41 Mint
01230.41.10 Hot mint
01230.41.90 Other mint (excluding peppermint and spearmint)
01230.42 Mushrooms
01230.43 Okra
01230.44 Oregano
01230.45 Parsley
01230.45.10 Water parsley
01230.45.20 Parsley (excluding water parsley)
01230.46 Parsnips
01230.47 Peas (excluding field peas for grain or seed)
01230.47.10 Peas (green)
01230.47.20 Snowpea/sugar pea
01230.48 Pea shoots
01230.49 Pennywort
01230.50 Perilla
01230.51 Pumpkins and marrows
01230.51.10 Cucumbers
01230.51.20 Gherkins
01230.51.30 Japanese pumpkin
01230.51.40 Squash
01230.51.50 Zucchini
01230.51.90 Other pumpkins and marrows
01230.52 Pumpkin leaves
01230.53 Radishes
01230.53.10 Green radish
01230.53.20 White radish
01230.53.90 Other radishes
01230.54 Rhubarb
01230.55 Rosemary
01230.56 Sage
01230.57 Silver beet and spinach
01230.57.10 Amaranth / Chinese spinach
01230.57.20 Buffalo spinach
01230.57.30 Ceylon spinach
01230.57.40 Water convolvulus
01230.57.90 Other silver beet and spinach
01230.58 Spearmint
01230.59 Sprouts
01230.60 St John's-wort
01230.61 Sweet corn
01230.62 Sweet potato leaves
01230.63 Taro shoots
01230.64 Thyme
01230.65 Tomatoes
01230.66 Turnips
01230.66.10 Swedes
01230.66.20 Turnips, white
01230.66.90 Other turnips
01230.67 Watercress
01230.68 Winter melon
01230.69 Witloof chicory (french endive)
01230.90 Other vegetables, fresh or chilled, n.e.c.
0124 01240 Edible roots and tubers with high starch or inulin content
01240.10 Sweet potato
01240.20 Tapioca/ cassava/ manioc
01240.30 Taro
01240.40 Water chestnut
01240.50 Yam
01240.90 Other edible roots and tubers with high starch or inulin content

013Fruit and nuts

0131Fruit, fresh
01311Pome fruit, fresh
01311.10Apples, fresh
01311.10.18Delicious - Golden
01311.10.21Delicious - Ordinary
01311.10.24Delicious - Red (including Earlidel)
01311.10.33Gala (Royal/Imperial)
01311.10.39Granny Smith
01311.10.51Lady William
01311.10.60Pacific Rose
01311.10.63Pink lady
01311.10.90Other apples
01311.20Pears, fresh
01311.20.05Beurre bosc
01311.20.20Lemon bergamot
01311.20.40Red anjou
01311.20.45Sophia's pride
01311.20.50WBC (including Williams / Duchess)
01311.20.55Winter Cole
01311.20.60Winter Nellis
01311.20.90Other pears
01311.90Pome fruit, fresh, n.e.c.
01312Berries and other small fruit, fresh
01312.20.10Zespri gold
01312.20.90Other kiwifruit
01312.90Berry and other small fruit, fresh, n.e.c.
01313Citrus fruit, fresh
01313.20Lemons and limes
01313.90Citrus fruit, fresh, n.e.c.
01314Grapes, fresh
01314.10Red grapes, fresh
01314.10.03.10Barbera - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.10.03.20Barbera - Production for drying (dry weight)
01314.10.03.30Barbera - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.10.03.90Barbera - Production for other uses
01314.10.06Cabernet Franc
01314.10.06.10Cabernet Franc - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.10.06.20Cabernet Franc - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.10.06.30Cabernet Franc - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.10.06.90Cabernet Franc - Production for other uses
01314.10.09Cabernet Sauvignon
01314.10.09.10Cabernet Sauvignon - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.10.09.20Cabernet Sauvignon - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.10.09.30Cabernet Sauvignon - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.10.09.90Cabernet Sauvignon - Production for other uses
01314.10.12.10Carignan - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.10.12.20Carignan - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.10.12.30Carignan - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.10.12.90Carignan - Production for other use
01314.10.15.10Currants (including Carina) - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.10.15.20Currants (including Carina) - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.10.15.30Currants (including Carina) - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.10.15.90Currants (including Carina) - Production for other uses
01314.10.18.10Grenache - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.10.18.20Grenache - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.10.18.30Grenache - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.10.18.90Grenache - Production for other use
01314.10.21.10Malbec - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.10.21.20Malbec - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.10.21.30Malbec - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.10.21.90Malbec - Production for other uses
01314.10.24.10Mataro - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.10.24.20Mataro - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.10.24.30Mataro - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.10.24.90Mataro - Production for other uses
01314.10.27.10Merlot - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.10.27.20Merlot - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.10.27.30Merlot - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.10.27.90Merlot - Production for other uses
01314.10.30.10Meunier - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.10.30.20Meunier - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.10.30.30Meunier - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.10.30.90Meunier - Production for other use
01314.10.33Muscat a Petit Grains Rouge/Rose
01314.10.33.10Muscat a Petit Grains Rouge/Rose - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.10.33.20Muscat a Petit Grains Rouge/Rose - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.10.33.30Muscat a Petit Grains Rouge/Rose - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.10.33.90Muscat a Petit Grains Rouge/Rose - Production for other uses
01314.10.36.10Nebbiolo - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.10.36.20Nebbiolo - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.10.36.30Nebbiolo - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.10.36.90Nebbiolo - Production for other use
01314.10.39Petit Verdo
01314.10.39.10Petit Verdot - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.10.39.20Petit Verdot - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.10.39.30Petit Verdot - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.10.39.90Petit Verdot - Production for other use
01314.10.42Pinot Noir
01314.10.42.10Pinot Noir - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.10.42.20Pinot Noir - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.10.42.30Pinot Noir - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.10.42.90Pinot Noir - Production for other uses
01314.10.45Ruby Cabernet
01314.10.45.10Ruby Cabernet - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.10.45.20Ruby Cabernet - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.10.45.30Ruby Cabernet - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.10.45.90Ruby Cabernet - Production for other uses
01314.10.48.10Sangiovese - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.10.48.20Sangiovese - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.10.48.30Sangiovese - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.10.48.90Sangiovese - Production for other use
01314.10.51.10Shiraz - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.10.51.20Shiraz - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.10.51.30Shiraz - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.10.51.90Shiraz - Production for other uses
01314.10.54.10Tarrango - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.10.54.20Tarrango - Production for drying (dry weight)
01314.10.54.30Tarrango - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.10.54.90Tarrango - Production for other uses
01314.10.57.10Touriga - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.10.57.20Touriga - Production for drying (dry weight)
01314.10.57.30Touriga - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.10.57.90Touriga - Production for other uses
01314.10.90Other red grapes
01314.10.90.10All other red grapes - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.10.90.20All other red grapes - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.10.90.30All other red grapes - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.10.90.90All other red grapes - Production for other uses
01314.20White grapes, fresh
01314.20.03Canada Muscat
01314.20.03.10Canada Muscat - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.20.03.20Canada Muscat - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.03.30Canada Muscat - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.20.03.90Canada Muscat - Production for other uses
01314.20.06Chenin Blanc
01314.20.06.10Chenin Blanc - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.20.06.20Chenin Blanc - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.06.30Chenin Blanc - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.20.06.90Chenin Blanc - Production for other uses
01314.20.09.10Chardonnay - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.20.09.20Chardonnay - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.09.30Chardonnay - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.20.09.90Chardonnay - Production for other uses
01314.20.12.10Colombard - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.20.12.20Colombard - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.12.30Colombard - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.20.12.90Colombard - Production for other uses
01314.20.15.10Crouchen - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.20.15.20Crouchen - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.15.30Crouchen - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.20.15.90Crouchen - Production for other uses
01314.20.18.10Doradillo - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.20.18.20Doradillo - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.18.30Doradillo - Production for drying (fresh weight))
01314.20.18.90Doradillo - Production for other uses
01314.20.21.10Marsanne - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.20.21.20Marsanne - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.21.30Marsanne - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.20.21.90Marsanne - Production for other uses
01314.20.24.10Muscadelle - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.20.24.20Muscadelle - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.24.30Muscadelle - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.20.24.90Nuscadelle - Production for other uses
01314.20.27Muscat a Petit Grains Blanc
01314.20.27.10Muscat a Petit Grains Blanc - Production for wine/distillation
01314.20.27.20Muscat a Petit Grains Blanc - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.27.30Muscat a Petit Grains Blanc - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.20.27.90Muscat a Petit Grains Blanc - Production for other uses
01314.20.30Muscat Gordo Blanco
01314.20.30.10Muscat Gordo Blanco - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.20.30.20Muscat Gordo Blanco - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.30.30Muscat Gordo Blanco - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.20.30.90Muscat Gordo Blanco - Production for other uses
01314.20.33.10Palomino - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.20.33.20Palomino - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.33.30Palomino - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.20.33.90Palomino - Production for other uses
01314.20.36Pedro Ximenes
01314.20.36.10Pedro Ximenes - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.20.36.20Pedro Ximenes - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.36.30Pedro Ximenes - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.20.36.90Pedro Ximenes - Production for other uses
01314.20.39.10Riesling - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.20.39.20Riesling - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.39.30Riesling - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.20.39.90Riesling - Production for other uses
01314.20.42Sauvignon Blanc
01314.20.42.10Sauvignon Blanc - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.20.42.20Sauvignon Blanc - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.42.30Sauvignon Blanc - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.20.42.90Sauvignon Blanc - Production for other uses
01314.20.45.10Semillon - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.20.45.20Semillon - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.45.30Semillon - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.20.45.90Semillon - Production for other uses
01314.20.48.10Sultana - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.20.48.20Sultana - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.48.30Sultana - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.20.48.90Sultana - Production for other uses
01314.20.51.10Taminga - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.20.51.20Taminga - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.51.30Taminga - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.20.51.90Taminga - Production for other uses
01314.20.54.10Traminer - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.20.54.20Traminer - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.54.30Traminer - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.20.54.90Traminer - Production for other uses
01314.20.57.10Trebbiano - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.20.57.20Trebbiano - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.57.30Trebbiano - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.20.57.90Trebbiano - Production for other uses
01314.20.60.10Verdelho - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.20.60.20Verdelho - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.60.30Verdelho - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.20.60.90Verdelho - Production for other uses
01314.20.63.10Viognier - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.20.63.20Viognier - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.63.30Viognier - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.20.63.90Viognier - Production for other uses
01314.20.66Waltham Cross
01314.20.66.10Waltham Cross - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.20.66.20Waltham Cross - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.66.30Waltham Cross - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.20.66.90Waltham Cross - Production for other uses
01314.20.90Other white grapes
01314.20.90.10All other white grapes - Production for winemaking/distillation
01314.20.90.20All other white grapes - Production for drying (dried weight)
01314.20.90.30All other white grapes - Production for drying (fresh weight)
01314.20.90.90All other white grapes - Production for other uses
01315Melons, fresh
01315.20Melons, rock and cantaloupe
01315.30Melons, water
01315.90Other melons (hami, honeydew, etc.)
01316Stone fruit, fresh
01316.20Custard apples
01316.90Stone fruit n.e.c.
01317Tropical fruit, fresh
01317.20Papaws / papaya
01317.90Tropical fruit n.e.c.
01319Other fresh fruit
01319.00Other fresh fruit
0132Fruit, dried
01321Dried fruit (excluding sun-dried)
01321.00Dried fruit (excluding sun-dried)
01322Sun dried fruit
01322.00Sun dried fruit
013601360Nuts, fresh or dried, whether or not shelled
01360.20Cashew nuts
01360.40Hazelnuts, filberts and cobnuts
01360.50Macadamia nuts
01360.60Pecan nuts
01360.70Pistachio nuts
01360.90Nuts, n.e.c.

014Oil seeds and oleaginous fruit

014301430Sunflower, sesame, safflower, canola/rape and mustard seed
01430.10Canola/rape seed (clean seed)
01430.20Mustard seed
01430.30Safflower seed
01430.40Sesame seed
01430.50Sunflower seed
014401440Cotton seed
01440.00Cotton seed
014901490Oil seeds n.e.c. and oleaginous fruit
01490.10Linseed/Linola (clean seed)
01490.20Oil poppies
01490.90Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits n.e.c.

015Living plants; cut flowers and flower buds; flower seeds and fruit seeds; vegetable seeds

015001500Living plants; cut flowers and flower buds; flower seeds and fruit seeds; vegetable seeds
01500.10Nut trees
01500.20Orchard trees
01500.20.10Apple trees
01500.20.20Pear trees
01500.20.90Orchard trees n.e.c.
01500.30Cut flowers
01500.40Turf, cultivated
01500.50Vegetable seed
01500.90Other nursery produce

016Beverages and spice crops

016101610Beverage crops
01610.10Cocoa beans, raw or roasted
01610.20Coffee, unprocessed
01610.30Tea, unprocessed
01610.90Beverage crops n.e.c.
016201620Spices, whether or not processed
01620.00Spices, whether or not processed



018Plants used for sugar manufacturing

018101810Sugar beet
01810.00Sugar beet
018201820Sugar cane
01820.00Sugar cane

019Raw vegetable materials n.e.c.

019001900Raw vegetable materials n.e.c.
01900.10Cotton, whether or not ginned
01900.20Hay and silage
01900.30Field peas for grain or seed
01900.30.20Pigeon peas
01900.30.90Field peas, for grain or seed, n.e.c.
01900.40Field beans for grain or seed
01900.40.10Faba beans (including horse and tick)
01900.40.20Mung beans
01900.40.90Field beans for grain or seed n.e.c.
01900.50Other crops
01900.50.05Aloe vera
01900.50.10Fennel (bitter)
01900.50.30Lab lab purpureus for seed
01900.50.35Lupins for grain or seed
01900.50.40Vetches for grain
01900.50.90Other crops n.e.c.
01900.90Other raw vegetable materials n.e.c.

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