Published Research - Australian Census Longitudinal Data


This page lists publications that have used Australian Census longitudinal data microdata. ABS encourages researchers to provide citations for their published research using microdata so that others can share the benefits of that research. This information also helps ABS understand the range of research activities undertaken.

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Chipperfield, J., Brown, J.J. and Watson, N. 2017, 'The Australian Census Longitudinal Dataset: using record linkage to create a longitudinal sample from a series of cross-sections'. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics, vol. 59, No, 1, pp. 1-16.

Wilson, T. 2017, 'Methods for Estimating Sub-State International Migration: The Case of Australia'. Spatial Demography, vol. 5, No. 3, pp. 171-192.

O'Donnell, J. and Raymer, J. 2015, 'Identification change and its effect on projections of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population in Australia'. Journal of Population, vol. 32, pp. 297-319.