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A simple at-a-glance summary of Census statistics for your selected area

QuickStats is a fast, simple way for users to understand an area at a glance and is intended for anyone wanting quick summary information about an area.
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QuickStats presents data through tables, graphs and text to highlight key themes from the 2011 Census. If you wish to know more about a chosen area, you can explore it in more detail through direct links to the Community Profiles series. QuickStats has been designed to be displayed as a series of web pages, however you can print the QuickStats pages for your chosen area.

Click Advanced search and enter text or addresses for your search, or browse the structure of the geographic areas to search for an area. Easy mapping tools allow you to navigate, select areas and view them on a map. Once you have chosen an area, a link to QuickStats and Community Profiles will be provided.

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