DataPacks is suitable for experienced Census data users who have their own database or analysis systems. They contain data for all Census geographies from Australia down to Statistical Area Level 1.

The data items in DataPacks are contained in CSV files which can be imported into existing systems and are ready for immediate manipulation or merging with digital boundaries.

There is a total of five DataPacks, based on Community Profiles with one additional profile:

  • General Community
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
  • Time Series
  • Place of Enumeration (additional)
  • Working Population

Details on Place of Enumeration and Working Population Profiles can be found in Census of Population and Housing - Products and Services, 2016 (cat no. 2011.0.55.001).

For more detail on which geographies will be available, view the DataPacks geography table.

To find the latest changes to 2016 data, view the Corrections to 2016 Data.


GeoPackages is a project based on the same concept as DataPacks.

The difference between the two is GeoPackages hold and merge (in a database container), data from the 2016 Census DataPacks with boundary data from the 2016 Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS).

Plus there is an option to select and download individual topic GeoPackages rather then downloading the full suite of data.

The first of three releases is based on the 2016 Census General Community Profiles (GCP).

For more detail on which geographies will be available, view the DataPacks geography table.

More Information

View the Readme files located in the DataPacks and GeoPackages zip files.

To access the 2016 DataPacks samples, view the Community Profile, DataPack and TableBuilder Templates publication (cat no. 2079.0)

Glossary terms and definitions of classifications can be found in the 2016 Census Dictionary

More information about Census data products is available in the QuickStats, Community Profiles and DataPacks user guide, Australia (Cat no. 2916.0)

DataPacks and Geopackages for Western Australia State Electoral Divisions (WA SEDs) may not be correct and should not be used as per Corrections to 2016 Data. Data for these boundaries can be obtained using QuickStats or Census TableBuilder using a geographic recode and following these instructions on working with custom groups.

*DataPacks and GeoPackage zip files are not recommended for download to mobile devices.

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