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Accessing and using Census data

Census data can be viewed and accessed using different tools. Each has unique key features, formats and provide varying levels of analysis and interpretation. Here we will describe how to use the various tools and outline important information.

Census products provide data for each Census cycle. There is also a Australian Census Longitudinal Dataset which can be used to uncover new insights into the dynamics and transitions that drive social and economic change over time. For further information on the 2021 products available see Census data tools or 2021 Census product release guide.

Summary of tools and products

Search Census data


Community Profiles



  • Designed for complex data queries such as detailed analysis and modelling on appropriately confidentialised unit record data.
  • Information on how to access and use Microdata is available here.


  • Containers of Census data based on Community Profiles that can be downloaded as CSV files and linked to geographic areas.
  • Designed for users who have their own database or analysis systems.
  • See the DataPacks user guide for more information.
  • Access DataPacks here.


  • Census data based on the General Community Profile that is linked to geography boundary data that can be downloaded as GPKG files.
  • Suitable for users who have their own analysis system and mapping software.
  • See the GeoPackages user guide for more information.
  • Access GeoPackages here.

Census data stories

  • Stories and infographics that relate to Census data on topics of interest.
  • Spreadsheets containing summary data on the topic are also included.
  • Found under the Census data by topic tile.

ABS Data APIs 

  • Data Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enable fast access to ABS statistics by using machine to machine 'API calls'. These calls return statistics in a machine friendly format so that you can integrate data into your own systems as they are released.

Other tools and products

Confidentiality of data

When viewing Census data please note that small random adjustments have been made to all cell values to protect the confidentiality of respondents. These adjustments may cause the sum of rows or columns to differ by small amounts from table totals.

For more information on the confidentiality of data, the 2021 Census Privacy Statement or Introduced random error/perturbation, please refer to Confidentiality.

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