Public Notification: Release of Lists of Business Characteristics

Public Notification: Release of Lists of Business Characteristics

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), in accordance with the requirements of section 14 of the Census and Statistics (Information Release and Access) Determination 2018, made under section 13 of the Census and Statistics Act 1905, may disclose lists of business characteristics.

To release a list of business characteristics, the Australian Statistician or delegate must:
  • approve in writing the release of the list.
  • be given an undertaking in relation to the information specifying that the individual or organisation covered by the undertaking:
a) will use the list only for purposes specified in the undertaking which do not involve enforcing any obligation or liability applicable under any enactment; and
b) will comply with any other condition that, in the opinion of the Statistician, is reasonably necessary in a particular case; and
c) will not, except for the purposes specified in the undertaking, release the list to:
i. if the list is to be disclosed to an individual — another individual, or an organisation; or
ii. if the list is to be disclosed to an organisation — an individual outside the organisation or another organisation.
Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may be an offence under subsection 19(3) of the Census and Statistics Act 1905, the penalty for which is a fine of up to 120 penalty units ($26,640), or imprisonment for 2 years, or both.
  • make publicly available within 28 days of the disclosure, a description of the release.

Releases prior to 31 December 2020 can be found on the Survey documents tabled in parliament page.

Releases since 1 January 2021 are contained in the following table.

ReferenceReleased toName of CollectionOther particularsPurpose of releaseABS providedPDF

1/2021EY SweeneyAccounting Software market studyBusiness characteristics are from the ABS Business Register and Quarterly Business Indicators Survey.The list will be used for market research conducted on behalf of the ABS to determine the take up rates of Small Business Enterprises to provide data to the ABS through their accounting software.
  • Name of Business (legal name and trading name)
  • Broad industry classification
  • Employment size group
  • State
  • Name of contact(s)
  • Telephone number of contact(s)
  • Mobile number of contact(s)
  • Email address of contact(s)
  • A flag indicating if the businesses had been in the QBIS sample since March 2018
Public Notification 1 of 2021.pdf

2/2021Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment
NSW Department of Education
Department of Education and Training Victoria
Department of Education QLD
SA Department of Education
WA Department of Education
ACT Education Directorate
Preschool service providers to state and territory education departmentsList of businesses operation preschool programs in Australia, taken from the ABS 2020 National Early Childhood Education and Care Collection.The list will be used for the purpose of achieving outcomes and specified objectives of the National Information Agreement on Early Childhood Education and Care (NIA ECEC). The NIA ECEC aims to ensure the availability of a nationally consistent, quality information base for early childhood education and care, to support policy and program development, and reporting and accountability requirements.
  • business name and address
  • trading name
  • management type
  • service type
  • state/territory
Public Notification 2 of 2021.pdf

3/2021Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) Agricultural Farm Businesses to Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics and SciencesList of de-identified farm businesses taken from the Australian Business Register
based ABS Business Register.
The list will be used for the purpose of designing and selecting samples for the following ABARES farm surveys: 2021 Australian Agricultural and Grazing Industries Survey (AAGIS); 2021 Australian Dairy Industry Survey (ADIS); and 2021 Murray-Darling Basin Irrigation Survey (Irrigation).
  • a measure of size based on the estimated value of agricultural operations where available or Standardised Business Activity Statement derived size identifier
  • one or more geographic codes (ASGS), down to SA1 level
  • latitude and longitude as a geographic identifier
  • an industry classification code (ANZSIC)
  • a set of secondary activity indicators, where available
  • a unique identifying number (concorded to identifying numbers provided in previous years for the purposes of sampling methodology)
PublicNotification 3 of 2021.pdf

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