Energy, Water and Environment Help Page

Welcome to the help pages for the Energy, Water and Environment Survey 2017-18.

These pages contain information designed to help businesses/organisations understand and complete the questions asked on the survey.


The Energy, Water and Environment Survey (EWES) is conducted every three years, with the Environment Indicators Survey (EIS) being conducted in the intervening two years. The EWES provides a more comprehensive range of data across industries, as well as providing benchmark estimates for selected data items. The EWES has a larger sample size than the EIS. Therefore some businesses/organisations selected in the EWES may not be selected in future EIS surveys.

If you have been selected in this survey, the data your business/organisation reports will be used to represent your industry, irrespective of business size. Small businesses/organisations have different characteristics from large and medium size businesses/organisations and also make an important contribution to the Australian economy. The data you provide in the survey will contribute to the compilation of a number of Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Environment Account publications including the Energy Account, Australia (cat. no. 4604.0) and Water Account, Australia (cat. no. 4610.0). The data you provide is also published in Energy Use and Electricity Generation (cat. no. 4660.0).

To access further information about the survey, please see the Energy, Water and Environment Survey - Frequently Asked Questions. If your question about the Energy, Water and Environment Survey is not answered on these pages, you can call the freecall (excluding mobile phones) phone number on the Contact Us page.

If your query relates to the Water Supply and Sewerage Services Survey, please see the Water Supply and Sewerage Services Survey - Help Page.


For common questions about participation in ABS business surveys, please see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). For help using the online survey tool (eSurvey), please see eSurvey Help. For information about what to do if your business/organisation ceased operating before or during the 2017-18 period, please refer to Business Changes.

A full PDF copy of the survey can be downloaded for preview prior to completion. To access the survey PDF, go to the 'Preview of Survey Questions' navigation tab after logging into your survey account.

The ABS produces several economic surveys each year to generate data on various economic and environmental factors. We try not to burden businesses with multiple surveys; however, it is possible that your business/organisation may be selected more than once to reflect varying aspects of the Australian economy. If this is the case, please take the time to respond to each survey as your data is important in representing your industry. For information on how the ABS is reducing load placed on businesses, see Steps the ABS is taking to minimise reporting load placed on businesses.

ABS analysts may contact your business/organisation in the future if further clarification is required on the data provided.

Thank you for your time and contribution.