Census 2016 Field Officer payments (response to Fairfax article, 24 October 2016)

24 October 2016

I write to set the record straight in relation to payment of the 38,000 dedicated Field Officers engaged by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to assist Australians to complete the Census (Fairfax story 24/10).

Once they’d completed employment paperwork (including bank details), all Field Officers received regular pay which covered expected hours of work, motor vehicle allowances and other incidentals.

Field Officers who worked more than their expected workload, or incurred additional expenses, can lodge a claim for further payment. 4,700 claims have been made across Australia with a total value of less than $5 million. These claims are being verified and processed quickly.

By 3 November, at least 2,900 Field Officers will have been paid their additional payments, with the remainder to be paid by 17 November.

All outstanding pay claims for Nora Stewart’s team were paid last week - well before your story was published.

Jonathan Palmer
Deputy Statistician/Chief Operating Officer ABS

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