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Develop lifelong skills

Graduates are an important part of our dynamic workplace. As you work to deliver strategic outcomes across the ABS, you will develop skills that will set the foundation for your career.

Agility and resilience - Working in a dynamic environment, you will respond well to change, adapt quickly, manage setbacks and demonstrate resilience.

Analytical and critical thinking ability - Gather and analyse data from multiple sources of information, make rational and considered judgements and decisions and apply analytical thinking.

Customer service and relationship management skills - Develop positive relationships, build and maintain networks, deliver excellent customer service and show respect and sensitivity towards all forms of diversity.

Innovative thinking and a commitment to learning - Think creatively, identify and share innovative solutions, self-reflect on your own performance and identify development opportunities.

Strong communication skills - Speak and write confidently and clearly, adapt to people and situations and communicate convincingly.

Graduate profiles

Read about our ABS graduate program from some of our recent graduates.

Luke, 2018 Graduate

I work in the Provider Experience Team. My main responsibility is to discover and develop ways to better understand what households and businesses experience as they do our surveys. I came into the ABS grad program after completing a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) with a major in Psychology.

As someone with an autism spectrum disorder it’s important that I find the right work environment. After looking into the ABS and its workplace flexibility and positive culture, working here was a pretty obvious choice and one that I don’t regret.

The best aspect of the program is the instant network it provides you. The ABS has a lot of moving parts. Knowing so many people in different areas has made it easier to understand the work that we do.

If I could give any advice to aspiring grads, it would be to treat the application process like a major assessment at uni. Like most grad programs, the ABS has lots of people applying for limited spaces. If you want the best results, you’ve got to put the time and effort into it.

Emily, 2018 Graduate

I currently work in National Learning and Capability Development, helping to create and edit learning modules and organise events for the business.

I also have a Bachelor of Science (Hons.), majoring in zoology, and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in psychology.

I believe in the ABS's mission to provide Australia with the evidence we need to help make better decisions. I also love the flexibility and variety of work available at the ABS.

One of the best things about the grad program was the chance to meet and collaborate with so many people, across departments, starting out their careers with the public service. It has led to many exciting opportunities and the chance to build an invaluable network.

My advice to upcoming grads is be authentic, and say yes to as many opportunities as you can. You never know where they will lead and the experience will be great.

Vasili, 2017 Graduate

I currently work in Environmental-Economic accounting where I help develop experimental accounts that use the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) framework. I came to the ABS after completing a degree in Environmental Science and Commerce from the Australian National University.

Within my role, I've worked on projects for the Great Barrier Reef, Agriculture in Australia and more recently water accounting within the Canberra region.

My favourite aspect of the graduate program has been getting the chance to meet people from a diverse range of backgrounds throughout the organisation. Being part of this network has opened many opportunities including getting to know people across the network, sharing my ideas, presenting and networking.

My advice to new graduates is, have the confidence to challenge the status quo. Being new to the organisation gives you a fresh perspective, this is a big advantage. Your peers and management can benefit from your ideas.

Kelly, 2018 Graduate

I currently work in the 2021 Census program in the Customer Contact and Support team where I am working on contact centre procurement. I have a dual degree in Business Management and Arts.

I chose the ABS because all the work that the organisation does contributes to building a better Australia!

The best aspects of the program include being able to put the skills you learn from workshops into practice and networking opportunities.

My best piece of advice is to always prepare early and do your research. Also, remember to take advantage of social media platforms for information sharing with other graduates. Always remember to use your social media wisely.

Jarred, 2017 Graduate

I'm currently an Analyst in the National Centre for Education and Training Statistics; we produce information that informs policy makers in the education space.

My background is in business and public sector management; I'm also currently pursuing a degree in communications and public relations.

My time at university emphasised the importance of evidence-based policy making; the ABS mission is to inform those important decisions. That is something I wanted to be a part of.

The program itself is fantastic, but all the opportunities outside the formal program are great too; my graduate experience was complemented by working on the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, APSC events and more.

Be proactive in striving for what you want. Ask questions, make mistakes and learn from them to figure out where you want to be and what you need to do to get there.

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