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About the "ABS Presents ... " series

"ABS Presents ... " is a series of videos with a general interest and statistical literacy focus.

The 'ABS Presents ... ' series videos are intended to:

  • increase statistical literacy
  • inform the community about ABS concepts, methods, and work program
  • provide a visually accessible version of statistics
  • showcase new products or surveys.

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Measures of Australia's Progress

Is life in Australia getting better? This is one of the more complex questions that the ABS tries to answer. Doing so is very challenging because each of us has a different understanding about what’s important to both individual and national life.

In this edition of ABS Presents we look at two of the many aspects of life that we include in measuring our national progress - education and training, and the environment.

Are Young People Earning or Learning?

The vast majority of young Australians either work full-time, study full-time or do a combination of both on a part-time basis. But, there are some young people who aren’t doing either. They’re what you might call not fully engaged, and we see these people as being at risk. They’re at risk of being either unemployed for long periods, or of only being able to find low paid, insecure work.

In this edition of ABS Presents, we examine whether young people are earning or learning, and what happens to those who aren’t doing either.

More Than Just Unemployed

An important role for the ABS is measuring employment and unemployment in Australia. There is some confusion around how we actually do this and how we define people as employed or unemployed.

In this edition of ABS Presents we look at employment, unemployment and under-employment.

Population and How It's Measured

Our population is constantly changing, affected by births, deaths and migration. So how do we keep track and estimate the population as it changes?

In this edition of ABS Presents, we examine Australia’s population figures and how they’re measured.


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