Papers and Articles

In addition to statistical publications which may contain statistics and the analysis of statistics, various papers and feature articles are also available from the ABS.

ABS Papers and Articles

  • Information papers serve to inform the public about the official ABS position on statistical issues eg outcomes of user consultation on statistical initiatives, or changes affecting the understanding, interpretation or use of statistics.
  • Discussion papers serve to provide materials to provoke public discussion on statistical matters on which ABS has not formed a view, or an official position. Discussion papers are issued for the purpose of seeking public comment and/or input in order to assist the ABS to form an official position on the matters raised.
    The content of Discussion papers does not necessarily represent an official ABS position
  • Research papers serve to release the results of research by ABS officers or other relevant researchers. They may be sourced from conference papers, papers published in journals by ABS officers, or papers prepared by ABS research fellows where it is considered appropriate to release them as ABS publications.
    The content of Research papers does not necessarily represent an official ABS position.

ABS Feature Articles includes an assortment of feature articles from the Australian Year book and other ABS Publications.

Methodology Advisory Committee (MAC) Papers comprise papers considered by MAC who provide advice to the ABS on statistical and methodological issues

Relevant papers from other statistical agencies

Study: Canada and Australia: A comparison of economic performance

Papers from international conferences

Ottawa Group - the International Working Group on Price Indices discuss and research crucial problems measuring price change