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National Statistical Service - provides access to resources to assist agencies in applying sound statistical and data management principles and practices

Australian Statistics Advisory Council - the key advisory body to the Minister and the ABS on statistical services

Historical Census and Colonial Data Archive - a searchable archive of Australian Colonial census publications

Meeting of the Voorburg Group on Service Statistics, Sydney 21-25 September 2015

NatStats 2013 Conference, Brisbane 12-14 March 2013

International Year of Statistics

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Australian Government Information and Services -

Government Online Directory -

Business Entry Point -

Access to information on Licensed Distributors
How do I become a Secondary Distributor of ABS Data?

ABS data is available from sources other than the ABS
Demographic Profiling
International Trade

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Many Eyes - A site where users can upload and explore their data
ABS reference in Many Eyes

Wikipedia - The encyclopedia created by the internet community
ABS references in Wikipedia

Wikiprogress - A global platform for sharing information in order to evaluate societal progress. It is a place to find information and statistics to facilitate the exchange of ideas, initiatives and knowledge on “measuring the progress of societies”.

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