ABS Quality Declarations - a brief summary

What is a 'quality declaration'?

Quality declarations are intended to be informative statements about the quality of statistical products using the dimensions of the data quality framework adopted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). They are designed for a web-based environment.

Quality declarations will complement, but not replace, our existing explanatory and technical notes, and more detailed documentation.

Why are we producing quality declarations?

The ABS strives to ensure that the users of our statistics are well informed on the quality of these statistics in order to assess their fitness for purpose. This value is deeply held throughout the ABS and is reflected in the ABS Corporate Plan. Quality declarations are an initiative to provide concise quality summaries for users in an easily accessible format.

Why should you read them?

Quality Declarations are designed to help in determining the 'fitness for purpose' of the data you are viewing. 'Fitness for purpose' refers to the way the data meet your need. That is, whether you can use the data for the purpose you had in mind.

What is covered in a quality declaration?

You will need to read each section of the quality declaration to make a judgment as to the fitness for purpose of the statistics. This is because the information contained within one section may impact on whether the statistics are useful for your particular purpose.

Quality Declarations are designed to be brief statements that highlight key aspects of the fitness for purpose of the data. More detailed information can be accessed through the Explanatory Notes of a statistical product.

Where will I find quality declarations?

Quality Declarations will be accessible through an icon near the product name, as well as having a link within the Explanatory Notes tab, in the same way that the Glossary, Explanatory Notes and other products are linked. Quality Declarations will be associated with products which can be accessed from the "Statistics" area of the website.


When will they be on the website?
Quality declarations were introduced to the ABS website from 25 October 2007 with the Census of Population and Housing. Further quality declarations are being added progressively from January 2008 onwards.

For more information please call 1300 135 070 from within Australia or +61 2 9268 4909 from overseas. Alternatively, please email client.services@abs.gov.au