Methodology and Data Management Division

    Types of Work

    • Data Collection Methodology
    • Operations research and process improvement
    • Methodological Development
    • Household survey methodology
    • Business survey methodology
    • Data Access and confidentiality
    • Analytical services
    • Time series
    • Data management
    • Standards and classifications

    Key areas of Work:

    • Sampling Techniques
    • Data Analysis
    • Questionnaire Design and Testing
    • Time Series Analysis
    • Statistical Disclosure Control
    • Operations Research
    • Quality Management
    • Price Index Methods
    • Small Area Estimates
    • Data Linking
    • Socio–Economic Index Construction
    • Design of Taxonomies, Classifications and Other Statistical Information Standards
    • Business Analysis
    • Organisational Informatics
    • Statistical Information Modelling
    • Econometric Model Building
    • Forecasting.

    Relevant fields of study and/or experience are:

    Statistics, Accounting/Finance, Business/Management, Econometrics, Economics, Humanities, Information Management, Market Research, Mathematics, Operations Research, Psychology, and Social Sciences

Opportunities are available in Central Office and some Regional Offices around Australia.

Who we are

Within the ABS, the Methodology and Data Management Division (MDMD) provides the expertise on methods relating to the design, collection, compilation, analysis, dissemination, management of statistical data. We use innovative and relevant research to continually improve ABS methods and approaches, and support the statistical areas of the ABS in implementing best practice in their data collections. MDMD also undertakes a range of statistical leadership activities focused on increasing the understanding and uses of statistics by government, research organisations and the wider community.

Who we are looking for

Applicants who have achieved a high level of academic success and are looking forward to applying their skills and knowledge in mathematics, statistics, econometrics, information sciences or behavioural sciences (e.g. psychology) to practical situations.

We are looking for applicants who:
    • enjoy developing innovative solutions to complex problems;
    • like working with others in a friendly and supportive environment;
    • enjoy research opportunities and want to further develop their skills through specialised training; and
    • enjoy liaising with clients and colleagues in other areas of the ABS and in other organisations, and from all over the world.

What you will be doing

You may perform one or more of the following:
    • develop and implement new methods and techniques in survey design and statistical analysis;
    • improve survey response rates and data quality;
    • analyse data which is of national importance using cutting edge techniques;
    • use statistical software and programming to solve problems;
    • work with large datasets;
    • apply knowledge of mathematical, formal or predicate logic;
    • apply knowledge of information management and modelling to modernising the information management system
    • develop new or better ways of measuring social and economic concepts;
    • detect and display the relationships between socio-economic variables using statistical techniques; and/or
    • be involved in developing new or improved statistical products by analysing and synthesising data.
    • apply international leading practice in statistical information management to facilitate informed use of data within the ABS and beyond, adding value to Australia's information resources.