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Residential Status in a
Non-Private Dwelling

Residential Status in a Non-Private Dwelling (RLNP)

This variable describes the residential status of each person in a non-private dwelling, i.e. whether they were there as either a member of staff, as a guest, patient, inmate, or other resident etc.

Residential Status in a Non-Private Dwelling (RLNP) is only applicable to persons who were in a non-private dwelling on Census Night and were enumerated on a Census Personal Form (question 6 on the Census Personal Form). A small proportion of owners, staff and their families living in the grounds of a non-private dwelling were enumerated on Census Household Forms and are not included in this data item.

The non-response rate for this item was 18.3% in 2011 compared with 15.4% for 2006. Due to their transitory nature, non-response is higher for persons who were staying at a non-private dwelling on Census Night than those enumerated in a private dwelling. More information is available from the 2011 Census non-response quality statement.

This data was captured automatically from mark box responses on the form and these responses were then grouped to form the two output categories.

Around 12.0% of respondents provided an incorrect number of responses. For RLNP, respondents are asked to mark only one response, which will affect the quality of this variable. Processing rules are to accept responses in the order they appear on the form and the extra responses are rejected. For the online form, respondents were able to only select one radio button. In situations where there are multiple selections, only the last selected response is taken. This needs to be noted when analysing RLNP data, especially when analysing changes over time. Users interested in the characteristics of those people that usually reside in a non-private dwelling should consider using RLNP in conjunction with other variables such as the Usual Address Indicator (UAICP) and employment characteristics (due for release in late October 2012).

More information on RLNP is available in the 2011 Census Dictionary (cat. no. 2901.0).

Question 6 as it appeared on the 2011 Census Personal Form

Image of question 6 from the 2011 Census personal form
Question 6 Residential status in this dwelling. For a person staying in accommodation such as a hotel, hostel, hospital, staff or student quarters on the night of 9 August 2011, mark one of the following:

Responses available for residents in these premises are: Guest, patient, inmate, resident and other.

Responses available for persons employed in these premises are: Owner proprietor or manager, Staff e.g. porter cook teacher warden, Family of owner proprietor manager or staff, and Other.

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