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Place of Usual Residence One Year Ago

Place of Usual Residence One Year Ago (PUR1P)

This variable records the geographic area in which a person usually lived one year ago (i.e. at August 9, 2010). It is applicable for all usual residents of Australia, except for persons aged less than one year.

This question relating to Place of Usual Residence One Year Ago (PUR1P) was first asked in the 1976 Census. Further information on Census Topics 1911–2011, can be found in How Australia Takes a Census (cat. no. 2903.0).

The non-response rate for this variable was 5.3% in 2011 (6.1% in 2006). More information is available from the 2011 Census non-response quality statement.

PUR1P is a hierarchical classification, ranging from the broadest geographical level (Australia) at the top of the hierarchy, to the finest level (SA2). The categories in this variable have changed to reflect the new Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) used for the 2011 Census. For more information refer to the 2011 Census Dictionary (cat. no. 2901.0). Provision is also made for persons who indicated that they had no usual place of residence one year ago.

PUR1P is coded to Statistical Area 2 (SA2) level. In order to assist with time series comparison and to ensure data for Local Government Areas (LGA) was available, PUR1P was dual-coded to both SA2 and Statistical Local Area (SLA) for 2011. If PUR1P cannot be coded to the SA2 level, it is assigned to a 'capital city undefined' category, or a 'state undefined' category. The proportion of records coded to these categories was 0.2% in 2011 compared with 0.1% in 2006.

For the 79.8% of persons whose PUR1P was the same as their Place of Usual Residence (PURP), their PUR1P is automatically derived from PURP. A further 1.5% of persons usually lived overseas one year ago, and their PUR1P is therefore coded as such. For the 13.6% of persons who lived elsewhere in Australia one year ago, the address details provided on the form were coded using automatic or clerical processes. Sample checks were conducted for all processes to ensure a high standard of quality.

More information on PUR1P is available in the 2011 Census Dictionary (cat. no. 2901.0).

Question 9 as it appeared on the 2011 Census Household Form

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