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Structure of Dwelling

Structure of Dwelling (STRD)

This variable classifies the structure of private dwellings.

The non-response rate for Structure of Dwelling (STRD) was 0.1% (unchanged from 2006). More information is available from the 2011 Census non-response quality statement.

Dwelling Structure is determined by the Census Collector and is captured automatically from mark box responses in the Collector Record Book. The risk of processing error is therefore very low. Sample checks of the data were undertaken to ensure an acceptable level of quality. Where a mark box has not been marked by the Collector, Dwelling Structure is determined during processing by referring to other information available. Where the Dwelling Structure cannot be determined it remains not stated. In a small number of cases Census Collectors provide an incorrect number of responses (for STRD Collectors are asked to mark one response). In these cases the first mark box marked in the order they appear on the form is accepted and the subsequent responses are rejected.

Due to there being less diversity in housing structures in many Indigenous communities, the categories available for coding this variable are limited to the following, for areas that use Indigenous Household Forms:
  • Separate house
  • Flat
  • Caravan, tin shed, or cabin
  • Humpy, tent or sleep out.

The option to code to 'flat' is new for these areas for 2011 (with almost 7.0% of dwellings coded to this structure type for dwellings enumerated by Indigenous Household Forms).

While the risk of a Collector mis-classifying the Dwelling Structure of a dwelling is low, certain types of Dwelling Structure, such as 'Improvised homes, tent, sleepers out' were given particular attention during processing. This resulted in identification and amendment of a small number of dwellings (less than 0.01% of all occupied private dwellings) that had been mis-classified.

More information on STRD is available in the 2011 Census Dictionary (cat. no. 2901.0).

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